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LLM Application Process

You must apply through our online LLM application system provided by LSAC. Please open an LSAC account before you start applying. See below for detailed instructions on how to apply, and view LSAC’s Step-by-Step Guide to apply for an LLM program for additional instructions.

All required documents must be received by the application deadlines (listed below) before we can review your application. For questions and inquiries related to the LLM application process, contact us at: (+1) 614-292-1241 or

CHECK APPLICATION STATUS: After you have submitted your application, you can track the status of your application on our Application Online Status page, using the username and password sent to you in our confirmation of receipt of your application.


We enroll students in both the fall and spring semesters. Application for fall admission opens on August 1 for enrollment in the following fall semester that starts mid- to late August of next year. Application for spring admission opens on March 1 for enrollment in the following spring semester that starts in January of next year.


To be considered for admission to the LLM program, all required materials must be received no later than the following dates:


1. Deadlines for International Students

  • Spring 2023: October 15, 2022
  • Fall 2023: June 1, 2023
  • Spring 2024: October 15, 2023


2. Deadlines for Domestic Students (U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, non F1/J1 visa applicants)

  • Spring 2023: December 15, 2022
  • Fall 2023: July 15, 2023
  • Spring 2024: December 15, 2023


We encourage you to apply early. It may take a long time for you to make arrangements with schools in your home country to mail your transcripts and academic records directly to LSAC. Credential evaluation then takes approximately two to three weeks to complete once LSAC has received your transcript and diploma. During peak processing periods, it may take longer. Under exceptional circumstances, we may be able to accept applications after these deadlines. Please contact to inquire about this exception.



In addition, if you wish to be considered for a scholarship award, you must submit a complete LLM application along with all required materials to LSAC before the above-listed dates. There is an earlier application deadline for full- and half-tuition scholarships, and a priority date for Regional Scholarship awards.


There is a nonrefundable application fee of $50. You can request a waiver of this fee from our office via email


Please note that our LLM program requires application through LSAC which charges additional fees separate from the Moritz College of Law's $50 application fee. In exceptional cases, we may consider waiving the Law School Report Fee when you request LSAC to send your application materials to Moritz College of Law. Please email with a brief explanation of your situation that justifies the Law School Report Fee waiver for our consideration. 


You must pay all the fees by credit or debit card in U.S. dollars at the time of the online application submission.

Applicants must submit official transcripts and other academic records (including a certificate of graduation, diploma, or degree statement) from all undergraduate, graduate and professional schools previously attended.  Official academic records must be sent directly by each issuing institution to LSAC (address below) in a sealed envelope with the school’s official stamp or seal across the back flap. If the language of the documents is not English, the documents must be accompanied by a certified translation to be sent directly to LSAC as well. Applications will not be reviewed prior to receipt of all transcripts by the application deadlines.


To help LSAC process your transcripts and academic records faster, please use LSAC’s Transcript Request Form (TRF) that can be printed from the Transcripts page of your LSAC online account. Send a TRF to each of the postsecondary institutions you have attended, regardless of whether a degree was completed. Have each institution complete the form and return it to LSAC by mail, along with your official transcript/mark sheet/academic record.


Faxed copies and photocopies of academic records will not be accepted. Transcripts issued to you or sent to LSAC by you via mail or email will not be accepted or processed.


LSAC will authenticate and evaluate your transcripts and academic records (at a one-time fee of $135). The authentication and verification will take approximately 2-3 weeks from the date LSAC receives all of your academic records.


Schools should send your official documents to:


LLM Credential Assembly Service
662 Penn Street, Dept. 8511
Newtown PA 18940-8511

Applicants whose first language is not English are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) unless they are exempt from the English proficiency requirement (see below). The Ohio State University currently accepts Duolingo English Test, IELTS Indicator test, and TOEFL internet-based test Home Edition for fall 2022, spring 2023, and fall 2023. TOEFL ITP will not be accepted unless a student takes this exam as part of Ohio State’s American Language Program.


English Language Minimum Scores

  • TOEFL: 550 paper-based; 213 computer-based; 80 IBT (or TOEFL Home Edition: 80)
  • IELTS (or IELTS Indicator): 6.5
  • Duolingo: 105



Applicants who are citizens of, or who have completed a bachelor's degree or higher from, one of the following countries are exempt from the English proficiency requirement: Australia, Belize, the British Caribbean, and British West Indies, Canada (except Quebec), England, Guyana, Ireland, Liberia, New Zealand, Scotland, the United States, and Wales.


Applicants who have held U.S. permanent resident, asylee, or refugee status for at least one year from the first term of enrollment are also exempt from the English proficiency requirement.


Sending Test Scores

You must have taken the test within the past two years.

  • TOEFL and IELTS scores must be sent directly to LSAC. To have your TOEFL score sent, provide ETS with LSAC institution code (8395) when you place your order for a copy of the score report to be sent to LSAC. To have your IELTS score sent, contact your test center and ask that your official score report be sent to LSAC for electronic download.
  • Duolingo scores must be sent to Ohio State University. Please list Ohio State University as recipient of a score report.

You are required to submit two letters of recommendation in support of your application for admission.


The LLM Admissions Committee is especially interested in two aspects of your letters of recommendation: how well your recommenders know you, and what those people tell us about you. Recommenders should address topics such as:


  • performance in independent study or in research groups
  • intellectual independence
  • research interests
  • capacity for analytical thinking
  • ability to work with others
  • ability to organize and express ideas clearly
  • drive and motivation


The letters of recommendation can be submitted to LSAC or to Moritz College of Law’s Office of International and Graduate Affairs.


If submitted to LSAC: please visit the LSAC website to see the requirements for letters of recommendation and instructions for how to submit these letters.


If submitted to Ohio State Moritz College of Law:


By mail (letters must be sent in sealed envelopes):


The Ohio State University
Moritz College of Law
International & Graduate Affairs
55 West 12th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1391


By e-mail (must be e-mailed directly by the recommenders):


Please keep in mind it is your responsibility to ensure that your recommenders have submitted their recommendations by the deadline. Applications will not be reviewed prior to receipt of all letters of recommendation.

All applicants must submit a resume that contains the following:


  • all post-secondary educational information;
  • all relevant past and present work experience;
  • volunteer, service and/or extracurricular activities with which you have been involved in the past three years; and
  • a list of any honors and/or awards you have received.


You must submit your resume as an attachment to the LSAC online application. Remember, this is an opportunity to give us additional insight into what you will contribute to both the LLM class and the Moritz community. 

Your personal statement is especially valuable to the LLM Admissions Committee. It should provide a thoughtful reflection on your reasons for seeking an LLM in the United States and on your longer-term career and personal goals.


Please address the following questions in your personal statement (2 pages max):

  1. Why did you choose to pursue an LLM degree at Moritz College of Law? How will an LLM degree at Moritz further your professional and/or personal goals? What do you hope to gain from your experience as an international student?
  2. In what way do you think your background, expertise, and aspirations will benefit the academic community here at Moritz?


You must submit the personal statement as an attachment to the LSAC online application.

View Scholarships page for information on scholarship types, scholarship application requirements, and deadlines.

Use this checklist to be sure you have completed all necessary steps to apply for admission to the Moritz College of Law LLM Program at The Ohio State University.


Please submit the following items to LSAC:

  • Completed electronic application
  • Nonrefundable application fee ($50 for international students and $40 for U.S. citizens or permanent residents) or fee waiver code
  • Official transcripts (and English translations) in sealed envelopes from all previously attended academic institutions
  • TOEFL/IELTS scores sent from the testing center
  • Resume 
  • Personal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation, on letterhead and with original signature, in sealed envelopes from the recommender or the recommenders can email the letters of recommendation directly to
  • Scholarship essay(s) if applicable


All items must be received by the deadline.