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Experiential Learning Opportunities for LLM Students

Selected LLM students earn 4 credit hours for participating in this clinic. Typically, students participate in an intensive mediation training and are then required to mediate live cases. Under the supervision of Moritz faculty members, our LLM students have the opportunity to work with live parties and mediate cases in lieu of litigation. 


Through intensive training, classroom lectures, discussions, exercises, and live clinical experiences, students learn how to become effective mediators, while also studying key issues involving different types of mediation, methods, and the state of the law and mediation. Students learn and practice crucial communication skills that enable them to effectively sort through challenging disputes between parties who are often passionate and adamant in their positions and allow those parties to more effectively communicate with each other.


Selected LLM students will work directly with leaders of the Ohio General Assembly and other key legislative players on matters arising before the Ohio House and Senate. The clinic is one of the few legislation clinics in the entire nation, offering Moritz students the rare opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes of the legislative process.


Students earn 4 credit hours for this course. Classroom discussions combined with clinical placements teach Moritz students how to research and analyze current and potential legislative issues, expose them to the challenges of information-sharing in a partisan context, and develop their negotiation and consensus-building skills.

Through the Law Externship Program, Moritz LLM students earn academic credit for fieldwork and coursework. The Program oversees approximately 150 externships each academic year, allowing students to gain practical, hands-on experience in the state and federal courts, local and federal government offices, nonprofit organizations, and corporate legal departments. The Externship Program places students directly in over 60 different placement options that suit their interest, skills, and career goals.


LLM students receive 3 credits in Autumn and Spring and  2-to 4 credits for the Summer. Our dedicated LL.M. Career Counselor provides support to students in applying for and securing a placement through this program.

This 3-credit course provides opportunities for students to obtain hands-on experience with myriad regulatory compliance issues facing with The Ohio State University.  Sponsored by the Office of University Compliance and Integrity, Externs will be assigned to work throughout the semester in a specific compliance area, such as: Athletics, Conflicts of Interest and Ethics, Environmental Health and Safety, Financial Aid, Information Security and Privacy, Institutional Equity. Externs will assist with all aspects of a comprehensive compliance program, including ethical values and leadership engagement; risk assessment and abatement, communication, operational controls, evaluation, issue response and reporting.

A wide array of simulation-based skills courses are available to LLM students that combine classroom teaching with field-placement projects. Students have the opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge into active, hands-on practice. 


LLM students at Moritz have the opportunity to begin developing practical skills early in their careers through participation in various moot court competitions, such team-building skills, public speaking skills, oral advocacy skills, and analytical thinking. You will also be able to gain a deep understanding of complex legal issues that prepares you for a future legal practice in the area covered in the competition.

External Competition:

Each year, Moritz selects a team of four students to participate in the annual LLM International Commercial Arbitration Moot Competition organized and hosted by the American University Washington College of Law. Through this competition, you will hone your lawyering skills and gain a deeper knowledge of international commercial and investment arbitration. Moritz awards one credit hour to its participating students.

Internal Competitions:

LLM students may select to participate in moot competitions organized by Moritz, including the Lawrence Negotiations Competition; Moritz Representation in Mediations Competition; Moritz 1L Competition. View more details about these competitions.

Each year, Moritz selects a team of four LLM students to participate in the Annual LLM International Arbitration Moot Competition, organized and hosted by the American University Washington College of Law. Through this competition, students hone their lawyering skills and gain a deeper knowledge of international commercial and investment arbitration. 

The Moritz LLM team traveled to Washington D.C. this year to compete in the ninth edition of this Moot Competition from April 7-9, 2022. The team comprises of Vlera Rexha (Kosovo), Reem Shehata (Belgium), Liu Yunning (China), and Favour Osa-Oni (Nigeria).


Favour Osa-Oni received the Honorable Mention as an Oralist for the International Arbitration Competition.

Despite the different backgrounds, all team members share a passion for alternative dispute resolution and commercial and business law. They also see the tremendous benefits of taking advantage of all the opportunities offered at Moritz to grow into a global lawyer.