Frequently Asked Questions

law firm leadership pic

Where can I learn more about the Program on Law and Leadership?

Please visit the program’s website here.

How many firms are involved in the program?

Currently, there are twelve firms involved in the program.

Can we have more than one leadership scholar?

Yes.  Several of our firms have elected to sponsor more than one student per class.

What recognition will my firm receive?

In recognition of the firm’s commitment, they receive a named leadership scholar in residence at the law school.  These students are profiled on a rotating basis in our monthly newsletter SideBar, which is sent to over 7,000 alumni. In addition, firm representatives are invited to our annual scholarship luncheon.

How are students selected for the scholarship?

We look for students with demonstrated leadership potential. Many of the students selected have previous work experience, extensive community and volunteer activities, military service, and previous leadership experience. Students are invited to submit a leadership statement with their application to the law school.