April 7, 2011


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Ramirez '76 Still Building Business Transaction Practice

Ted Ramirez ’76 is passionate about plenty. He clearly loves being an attorney. He truly enjoys cultivating his worldwide business transaction practice. He is undeniably gracious for everything The Ohio State University provided him, and he’s committed to giving back.

“I feel as grateful right now as I did the day I was sworn in – Nov. 4, 1977 – and I’m as excited today about being a lawyer as I was then,” he said. “I still feel challenged and excited about what we do as lawyers. It is humbling and intellectually satisfying. You have opportunities to make an impact on your community and your alma mater.”

After graduating from Moritz, Ramirez started as junior tax accountant at Deloitte & Touche in Dayton before transitioning to a few small law firms, including a stint as a solo practitioner.

However, Ramirez soon discovered that his small business transaction practice was growing in size and scope and that his clients would benefit from the diversified nature of a large law firm. Before long, he accepted a position with Porter Wright in Dayton.

After six years with Porter, he accepted an invitation to join another firm, the Schwartz firm, based in Columbus. Unfortunately, that firm and the next Ramirez joined, Arden & Hadden, eventually dissolved.

“I have been a living participant and survivor in the sea of changes to the legal profession,” he said with a laugh.

Ramirez did not let that turbulence prevent him from building a thriving practice in business transaction law, focused largely in the health care industry. That successful practice led him to Venable, a Washington, D.C.-based firm, in 2003. He continues to reside and work in Kettering, Ohio, -- a Dayton suburb – with his wife of 39 years, Chris.

Despite changing firms, Ramirez has maintained most of the same clients – both in the United States and internationally – for decades. Some of his cherished professional moments include assisting in the restructuring of a national hospital system that included some 60 hospitals and 10,000 beds. He also has represented an Ohio-based hospital system that has expanded from two hospitals to eight over 15 years.

“The opportunity to help executives and boards to build, grow, and shape these businesses is what keeps me excited about business transactions,” he said.

However, Ramirez is equally passionate about the work that he has committed to outside his professional endeavors. For instance, for the past eight years, Ramirez has returned to Moritz as an adjunct to assist Moritz Professor Joseph Stulberg with an annual Legal Negotiations course.

“My daughter, who is a business professor, asked me to teach an undergraduate business negotiation class about 10 years ago,” he explained. “She intuitively thought that because I had pulled together business transactions, and had managed to negotiate with her through the years, I would be able to handle such a class. But, as any teacher will tell you, pulling together a syllabus and getting in front of a class prepared to deliver something meaningful is a completely different matter than just practicing the trade.”

After telling then-Dean Nancy Rogers about his teaching experiences and how much he enjoyed them, Ramirez was eventually encouraged to return to Ohio State and assist Stulberg’s team. “The chance to interact with and learn from – and in some way teach something to these new lawyers – is such an extraordinary privilege. We have such great students at Moritz.”

To further his commitment to Moritz, Ramirez is also a long-time member of the College’s National Council. He says it is the least that he can do for an institution that provided him so much. He even passed his love of the University on to his daughters, one of whom, Abigail Ramirez ’10, graduated from Moritz last year.

“I never forget what the state of Ohio and The Ohio State University did for me,” he said. “I had no lawyers in my family, and I had no idea what I was getting into. The state and the University took me into its brotherhood, allowed me to earn a degree, and receive my law license. I just feel like I owe something. I owe a lot that I can never repay. All I can do is pay a little bit forward.”

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