January 6, 2011


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New Years Resolutions 2011

SideBar welcomed members of the Moritz community to submit their 2011 New Year's resolutions for publication. We think you'll find some inspiring and some funny. The Moritz faculty and staff wish each of you a safe and happy 2011!

Rochelle Rabeler"This year I hope to win the work-life balance game. I resolve to take two vacations without feeling guilty for leaving projects or the office behind, to not commit to or take on more than I should, both within the firm and in the community, and to hike a 14er (a 14,000+ foot mountain peak). I also hope to improve my golf game so I can reach out to more clients when I'm not actively working with them on a transaction and cultivate a more personal relationship on the course."

Rochelle Rabeler '05 is an associate in the Denver office of Holland & Hart.

Robert Zimmerman"On Dec. 31, 2011, I would like to look back and say I lost 10 pounds; gained 10 new friends; spent more and better time with my family; got great results for my clients; was an asset to my law firm; was a strong advocate for the people of Shaker Heights (where I am a councilman), and took at least one road trip to another Big 10 school to watch a Buckeye team play!"

Robert A. Zimmerman '91 is a partner in the Cleveland office of Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff.

Mike FlowersThe following are my top 7, for 2011, things to focus on (in reverse order):

7. Remove all of the unnecessary clutter from my office so that it does not appear that I am auditioning for the TV show "Hoarders" (it is permissible to throw away unread magazines that have a year date that starts with 19__);

6. Take more chances for professional and personal growth (we became lawyers because we do not like to take chances);

5. Become less annoying to those who love me (remembering that not everyone dwells on what can go wrong);

4. Remember that wearing a blue button down shirt, as opposed to a white button down shirt, is not going out on the cutting edge of fashion (you can be dependable without being predictable);

3. If you get to the office at 8 a.m., it is not a sign of weakness to leave before 8 p.m. (darkness is not the only indicator that the work day is over);

2. Realizing that it is true that people take vacations that do not include attending a meeting of the American Bar Association (it is such a joy to pack for a vacation and leave the coats and ties behind); and

1. If God only had to work 6 days a week, maybe that is also enough for a mere mortal lawyer (no one ever looks back and regrets that they did not spend more time in the office).

Mike Flowers '79 is vice president and chief legal officer of KBK Enterprises.

Olinda Moyd"The year 2010 was permeated with extreme highs and lows like an uncontrolled rollercoaster ride. It began with my twin and I celebrating our birthdays in Times Square (with a few hundred thousand intimate friends); mid-year my 14 year old daughter was unexpectedly diagnosed with a chronic medical condition; and it commenced by welcoming a handsome great nephew into the world. While my love for practicing law fuels my professional passion, it is my love for family that truly feeds my soul. I resolve to spend more time in 2011 focusing on the "F" word: FAMILY."

Olinda Moyd '84 is chief attorney of the Parole Division at the District of Columbia Public Defender Service.

Lawrence Herman"Ordinarily I don't make New Year's resolutions, but 2010-11 is my 50th year of teaching at Ohio State and that calls for an exception. I resolve that in 2011 I will attend more alumni events so that more of my former students can see that I have become younger, taller, thinner, and more buff than I was when I taught them. (If only)."

Professor Lawrence Herman continues to teach at Ohio State.

SideBar is a monthly electronic newsletter for Moritz College of Law alumni. Questions regarding this publication should be directed to moritzlawnews@osu.edu.