Supreme Heights

The day Beth (Deer) Walker ’90 was sworn in as justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia— the state’s highest and only… Read article

On Board Lawyering

One of the many privileges of being
a lawyer is the power to become a community leader. Serving on the board of a nonprofit organization is… Read article

The Digital Frontier

On any given day, most Americans likely transmit thousands of tiny points of data about their whereabouts, purchases, friends, travel plans,… Read article

125th Anniversary

It is extraordinary how much has changed for Moritz students in the 125 years since the law school’s very first classes were held in the Franklin… Read article

Alumni Profiles


Dean's Letter

World-class Instruction

One Of the great assets at the Moritz College of Law is the instruction from our dedicated and accomplished faculty. When I talk to alumni,… Read article

Office Hours

Q&A with Professor Efthimios Parasidis

From the day it was signed into law by former president Barack Obama, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been the subject of controversial chants… Read article

In the military

1 Degree, 10 Careers

Lawyers are natural leaders—they find ways to serve their communities in a wide variety of capacities. Some take that instinct to the next… Read article

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