Q&A With A Student

Q&A with Dr. Eunice Hornsby, M.S.L. Graduate

Dr. Eunice Hornsby, one of the first students to enroll in the M.S.L. program, is the Assistant Director of Organization and Human Resource  Consulting at OSU’s Office of Human Resources

Dr. Eunice Hornsby is the Assistant Director of Organization and  Human Resource Consulting at The Ohio State University’s Office of  Human Resources. Hornsby, a M.S.L. graduate, pursued the degree to  better understand the court decisions, legislation, and regulations  that continually affect her work.

How did an M.S.L. degree help your career?
My M.S.L. degree was the ultimate balance of theory and practice.  Everything that I studied in classes was applicable to my daily  professional and personal life. I saw and began to understand an entire  realm of my world – the legal sector – in a completely different light.  Studying law made my daily experience of life more exciting and  stimulating.

How have you used your new skills in your career?
So much of our lives today are impacted by the law. I can read and  generally understand court cases, legislation, and regulations now – I  use those skills daily in my work. My understanding of legal issues and  concepts has improved my analysis of work problems or projects.

The faculty members were…
…exceptional. They took a personal and professional interest in me and  were very supportive of my individual interests in the study of law. I  have never had faculty who invested the time they did to give me really  significant feedback on my research or writing.