Master in the Study of Law (MSL)

Does law cross over into your area of expertise? Would knowing about certain legal practices, laws and regulations help advance your career?

The Master in the Study of Law (MSL) degree offered by The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law is designed as a flexible program for those who want to  learn more about the law in order to strengthen their professional skills.  This program will provide you with a foundation in U.S. law, and the flexibility to design your course schedule in a way that best suits your career needs. You will attend classes alongside JD and LLM students at one of the country’s top 15 public law schools. The degree is designed for individuals who do not plan to take a bar exam or practice law.

Academic requirements

To receive the MSL degree, a student must earn passing grades in not fewer than 30 semester credit hours of law school courses.  A full-time student typically will be able to complete the program in one academic year. Part-time students generally will be expected to complete the requirements for the MSL degree within four academic years.

There are two required Courses for MSL students:

  • Introduction to Legal Research and Analysis for MSL students (3 credits)
  • US Legal Systems for MSL students (3 credits)

For the remaining credits, students can design their own curriculum, or complete a specialization in  one of the following areas. Click on the subject areas below to view courses on the Moritz Course Explorer (note that not all courses are offered every year):

Students who receive specializations will receive an official transcript designation on their transcripts. Students must receive approval from the Assistant Dean for International and Graduate Programs for their chosen courses.

Text adapted from the Moritz Faculty Rules, section 3.08.