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“Lawyers think in a completely different way. The program gave me a new perspective on my day-today work. I loved the program. It was worth the time commitment, even for a busy professional and mom.”

Nikia Reveal
Vice President, Brand Manager, Huntington National Bank - Class of 2019

“Virtually every job and industry—from the private, nonprofit, or government sectors—are impacted by regulation, legislation, and litigation. The Master in the Study of Law (MSL) program at Moritz provides an exceptional opportunity for professionals seeking a greater understanding of the law without becoming an attorney. The online MSL program will equip professionals with the tools to meet the demands of navigating risk, compliance, and the rapidly changing legal environment.”

Todd A. Starker
Clinical Professor of Law

"The Master in the Study of Law (MSL) program provides students a strong foundation in law that they can put to use in any industry or career that intersects with legal matters such as contract negotiations, regulatory compliance, employment matters, and litigation (avoidance and defense). Students will gain knowledge and acquire skills that will enable them to anticipate and understand potential legal issues, and to be an informed partner to legal counsel. In that way, the MSL program gives students a strategic mindset that will help advance a student’s career."

Colleen Settineri
Assistant Clinical Professor

“As a working professional with a family, I knew it would not be feasible for me to pursue a JD program. I am grateful that Ohio State provided this opportunity for someone like me interested in gaining more knowledge of specific legal practices, regulations, and laws that could help further a current career path or a different career path such as myself. You are able to select the courses in which you have a personal and professional interest, and the program now offers courses specifically for MSL student lifestyles. I have been in higher education my whole life but having an opportunity to make a career change has been the best decision I made when pursuing and completing the program.”

LaShanda C. Coleman
Class of 2022

The highlight of the MSL program has been applying real-world scenarios that I am interested into our course work. We have had the opportunity to discuss everything from restructuring NFL contracts to settling disputes between record labels and their recording artists. I cannot recall a time that I have been more interested in my coursework.” 

Ray Webb
Current MSL Student

“I definitely recommend the MSL program as it provides you with the opportunity to develop expertise in your given profession. My advice is to identify what you want to learn, investigate course offerings, talk to administrators to help you formulate your schedule, and really know why you want the degree so that it holds purpose and meaning to you and is not just a thing to obtain. Also, at Moritz College of Law, I love how amenable and open the professors and administrators were in helping me to achieve my educational goals. The professors genuinely want to help you succeed, to help you become your best! They truly cared about my educational goals.” 

Amy English
Current MSL Student