LL.M. Admissions

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From the Briefing Room

charliene“I was amazed that international students at Moritz could participate in externships. I was placed with the Legal Aid Society under their Housing Team. At first it was a difficult adjustment for me because working in the United States was a completely new professional challenge. I soon learned that my colleagues and supervisors were really accommodating and did not differentiate between me, being an international student, and the other externs.” Charliene, Indonesia, Class of 2019

phung“My previous legal education was very theoretical. US legal training is much more practical and offered me many chances to participate in externships, moot courts, workshops, and conferences. I had a chance to understand how U.S. lawyers practice law in real life from observation, not just reading books. My favorite things about the LLM program have been the faculty and staff, helping us to become professional law students and lawyers. Receiving guidance in resume writing has been extremely helpful and useful. Through my externship placement at the Franklin County Court, I was able to learn so much from attending court and hearing the judge and attorneys discuss the cases. I made the right decision in coming to OSU.” Phung, Vietnam, Class of 2019

“When I decided to pursue an LLM degree abroad, one of my goals was to get hands-on exposure to the American legal and judicial system. Thus, the Ohio State University was the best choice for me. First, Moritz is more than just a law school; it is a community for legal education and training. Through the  Externship Program, I could get practical training in one of the most advanced justice systems in the world. Moreover, the college has the best faculty and administrative staff, who make learning a wonderful experience. Although my goal was to get a certificate in international and comparative law, I was so impressed by Moritz’s top-ranked  Alternative Dispute Resolution program that I decided to get another certificate in ADR. This certificate has opened up a whole new world for me. Finally, the diversity at Ohio State makes it a unique university. It was fascinating to study with lawyers from 20 countries and make friends from all around the world. In short, my year at Ohio State Moritz was amazing, and I am really proud to be an alumnus of this great university.” Hamdy, Egypt, Class of 2018

“I experienced and appreciated the open-door policy at Moritz which allowed me to pursue discussions out of class with professors. Those one on one   conversations enriched my perception and my understanding of common law approach. Also, the incredible support from the administrative staff and the mentorship program gave me a very interesting overview of legal practice in US. The extreme diversity of the LL.M program made Moritz the only place I could meet and make friends from about 16 nationalities at the same time and shaped my perspective of an international practice. I can say I found my way at Moritz.” Olivier, Democratic Republic of Congo, Class of 2018


“Moritz is definitely the best place to experience the genuine American legal education. We took classes with JD students everyday, which encouraged us to read, think and respond as a native law student. Although LL.M. students are the minority in the school, we received amazing personal attention from the great professors and administrative staff there. I will never forget the beautiful college library, the monthly international dinners, and the No.1 university recreation center in the US, all of which contributed to my great experience at Ohio State in terms of both academics and life.”  Jing, China, Class of 2017


“The LL.M. Program gives you excellent tools to be a qualified attorney with an international perspective. The professors are incredibly experienced and the faculty provides amazing resources to keep improving your knowledge and legal practice, from a very complete law school library to networking events where you can learn more about international legal practice and connect with legal professionals. I strongly recommend the LL.M. program of Moritz College of Law, it is the most rewarding experience.”  Isabella, Colombia, Class of 2017


“Moritz is a community where you can gain solid knowledge of US law in a pleasant environment.  Passionate professors showed me intelligent insights into each subject, mindful academic staff diligently supported me to achieve my own goals, and kind classmates helped me to overcome all challenges.  Now I am able to head to work with confidence and pride as one of Moritz’s graduates.”  Scott, Japan, Class of 2016



“No doubt, choosing Ohio State for my LL.M. program was the best decision that I’ve ever made. Regardless of national and international rankings, the professors and administrative staff at Moritz continuously value each LL.M student as a unique and particular international experience. On the other hand, this is definitively your program if you are interested in pursuing  a degree that meets the following priorities: Diversity, Professionalism, Quality and Flexibility. Thanks to this academic program, I was able to stay and work in the United States, and developed a global mindset in my career.”  Santiago, Colombia, Class of 2016


“At Moritz, I have been impressed by the extremely qualified professors who are always ready to listen to you. I also realized that my friendships with other students have really made my experience complete. We have so many different stories to share. I know that, even when the program ends, we will keep in touch for a very long time.” Adriana, Costa Rica, Class of 2014



“I was passionate about criminal law long before I came here, but, for me, Professor Joshua Dressler is a genius. He is willing to talk with me, and that never happens with professors in my home country. He asks questions, and lets me think for myself. The teachers here are really special.”  Jad, Lebanon, Class of 2014




“I was determined to go back and practice family law, but now I am thinking of changing my mind after being here. After I’ve seen the way of teaching here – which is extremely different – I would like to go back and teach that way. Maybe I can be a role model for other women who want to do this.”  Ohoud, Saudi Arabia, Class of 2014




“I am very impressed with the professors here at the Moritz. Choosing between them is impossible, but I have to mention Professor  Quigley… His knowledge and insight into international law is an inspiration.  Professor Stulberg is at the same level of excellence in the field of dispute  resolution, and opened up a whole new world to me in an area for which I now  have a passion. Professor Chow is also one of the best professors I have had, having an unparalleled ability to explain the most complicated legal  issues in a way that everyone understands. I am certain that he could teach quantum physics to a kindergartner.”  Katrin, Iceland, Class of 2011


“I was fascinated by the diversity and level of qualification of  the faculty, friendliness of its members, their ‘open door’ policy; I also  enjoy the interaction with J.D. students. These things help to foster intellectual  and cultural interchange and expand our legal horizons. It all makes this  intensive process at Moritz go easier.” Timur, Kyrgyz Republic, Class of 2009