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LL.M. Professional Development

Here is a short summary of the major resources and activities that are available to LL.M. students:

  • Individual Advising: During in-person hour-long sessions that are easily scheduled online, students receive individualized assistance with:
    • Creating and executing job search strategies,
    • Developing connections in their fields of interest,
    • Building professional social media profiles,
    • Drafting resumes and cover letters,
    • Planning ways to gain experience during the academic year, and
    • Preparing for interviews
    • Applying for Optional Practical Training work authorization
  • Practice Interviews: The Office of International & Graduate Affairs organizes on-campus practice, or “mock,” interviews for students. Practice interviews can also take place during individual advising sessions or during an event. Times and dates for these programs are distributed in advance to allow ample time for registration.
  • Follow-Up Resume & Cover Letter Reviews: Students are able to submit resumes and cover letters for review by email after completing several initial steps, including having scheduled and attended an individual advising session.
  • Mentoring and More @ Moritz: Moritz’s flagship mentoring program matches two attorneys with three to four students and encourages the attorneys to share insights and advice. LL.M. students who choose to participate are able to interact with members of the J.D. program while learning about the professional accomplishments of attorneys in the Central Ohio community.
  • Local & Affinity Bar Association Memberships: Students enjoy free membership in the American Bar Association, Ohio State Bar Association, Ohio Women’s Bar Association, Columbus Bar Association, Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Central Ohio, Hispanic National Bar Association, Women Lawyers of Franklin County group and the John Mercer Langston Bar Association. One does not need to be a member of a particular ethnic group to join any of these affinity bars. You need not event be a member (in most instances) to attend select events that are hosted by these organizations. Joining one or more of these groups exposes you to educational and networking opportunities that occur off-campus and are attended by practicing attorneys. All Moritz LL.M. students will be asked to apply for the Columbus Bar Association during orientation. Membership in the other groups is optional.
  • Academic and Career Development Workshops: These events for LL.M. students are held during the lunch hour throughout the fall and spring semesters. Attendance is mandatory. Topics include ongoing faculty research, U.S. culture, issues in practice, job search basics, advice on interviewing, academic success tools and more. View the most recent Workshop schedule.
  • Career Panels: Panelists are usually Moritz graduates who return to share their experiences with current students in a small group setting. Panels offer wonderful opportunities for students to network with and get to know practicing attorneys from many different areas of law.
  • Networking Events: Whether it is a formal reception hosted by a law firm in Downtown Columbus or a Saturday afternoon tailgating party, LL.M.s have the chance to mingle and converse with attorneys and business professionals throughout their time at Moritz.
  • Job Search Publications & Materials: This comprehensive job search manual for LL.M.s is filled with tips on how to draft resumes and cover letters, answer interview questions, network in the U.S. legal market and more. Career services email blasts tailored specifically to LL.M. students are sent out on a regular basis during the academic year. In addition, alumni receive electronic communications periodically that include program updates, job postings and opportunities for involvement. The J.D. Career Services Office sends out emails to the entire student body and also maintains an online Career Services Toolkit. This section of the Moritz website contains a plethora of information about researching employers, drafting resumes, preparing for interviews and much more. Although targeted toward J.D.s, LL.M.s may find the information useful as well.
  • Resume Viewbooks: The Office of International & Graduate Affairs creates a directory of resumes of Moritz LL.M. students. This Viewbook is then distributed to select employers throughout the year.
  • Job Postings: The majority of job postings that are received by the International & Graduate Affairs Office are distributed via email and LinkedIn to LL.M. students and alumni. Moritz also uses a web-based career services management system called Symplicity to provide students and alumni with access to online job search resources and postings. Some (but not many) LL.M.-targeted opportunities are shared through this site. Professors sometimes list their research assistant openings on this site. Please note that access to Symplicity is granted for all LL.M.s, without exception, after October 15 in accordance with the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) guidelines for new law students. Make a habit of checking Symplicity at least once a month for updates.
  • Optional Practical Training Advising: Students on an F-1 visa who have graduated or have completed at least nine months of graduate study are eligible to apply for a visa to work for up to one year in the US without additional sponsorship. The LL.M. program staff offer students advice and guidance in applying for this work authorization through the Ohio State Office of International Affairs and assists students in the job search process. Read more information about OPT on the OIA website.
  • Access to An Extensive Alumni Network: LL.M. students are shown how to effectively search for and reach out to members of the 10,000-strong Moritz Alumni base for the purposes of learning about domestic and international work opportunities and to acquire input on their plans for study and employment. Websites like Martindale.com and firm webpages are used to connect students with attorneys that practice in their areas of interest. Emails/correspondence are drafted and sent with the aim of setting up informational interviews.
  • University Resources: LL.M.s have access to University-sponsored professional development events and other career services for, such as: Buckeye OnPACE and career fairs.