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Extended 3-Semester Option


LLM programs are transformational and exciting experiences for students. However, time often passes quicker than expected during this one-year program, and by the time students are comfortable with the US legal education system, their stay at Moritz is usually near its end.

LLM students at Moritz have the option to extend their program of study from 2 semesters to 3 semesters. Students may choose this option to  take additional courses, to complete an academic concentration, or to spend more time taking courses that prepare them for the bar exam.

If a student plans on enrolling in the 3-semester option, they will have to complete at least 30 credits of courses (3 semesters of 10 credits per semester for full-time status) to complete their degree. The student will receive the same LLM degree as a student who is enrolled in the 2-semester option.

Students may choose to extend their program to 3 semesters either before matriculating at the College of Law or during the 1st semester of their LL.M. program. If interested in this option, students should contact the assistant dean for international & graduate affairs and the assistant dean will work with the university to extend the student’s visa.

Students should be financially prepared for an additional semester and be able to prove they have funding available for tuition, fees, general expenses, and cost of living. It is possible to extend any scholarships received into the 3rd semester.