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Please provide the following information. After confirming your information on the next screen you will be directed to a secure, third-party site hosted by CyberSource which will enable you to pay the $200.00 deposit via credit card. The deposit is required for all applicants, regardless of the enrollment option chosen. The $200 deposit is refundable only if an applicant is not accepted into the program.

The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law reserves the right to cancel this program in the event of under-enrollment or other compelling circumstances. In the event of program cancellation by The Moritz College of Law, all monies, including the $200 deposit, will be immediately returned.

Visa Information: Incoming LL.M. students requiring F-1 visas are able to enter the U.S. with their I-20s thirty (30) days before the first day of their program (date marked on their I-20). For Ohio State students, the earliest possible arrival day to the United States is the Saturday prior to the first day of the program. Incoming LL.M. students who will be attending other U.S. law schools are welcome to apply to this program as long as their arrival dates (and 30 day grace period) coincide with the program dates. Students must be in Columbus, Ohio, for the duration of the program. Summer program applicants who are not entering an LL.M. program in the fall semester, but would like to participate in either the three-week or one-week option, can receive an invitation letter from the University’s Office of International Affairs to assist with the B-1 or B-2 tourist visa application process.

Payment information: Participants should expect to receive an invoice for the remaining program fee balance around mid-June. Payment will be accepted only after invoices have been issued.

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(If you have checked this category and are not enrolled in the Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University, you must also provide a letter from your foreign student advisor approving transient status).


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