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Alternative Dispute Resolution

 Moot Competition

Increasingly, courts are moving beyond traditional trials and appeals to help clients find satisfactory resolutions to their disagreements. Negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and other processes are helping parties reach satisfying outcomes.

Moritz has one of the country’s finest programs in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), as it is consistently ranked among the nation’s top programs by our peers. Faculty members are national leaders in the ADR field, have published hundreds of books and articles, and frequently speak on or serve as mediators for high-profile disputes around the world.

Courses in ADR benefit students interested in litigation, transactional, and government practice as well as those interested in management and leadership.

Find course offerings in this area with our Course Explorer.

*It should be noted that not all classes are offered every year, and course offerings are subject to change. Additionally, certain upper level courses may necessitate taking pre-requisite course/s.

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