Scholarships & Grants

Our friends and alumni believe in our students and the value of a legal education at Ohio State.

That’s why they support numerous grants and scholarships to our students. They want to ensure that future generations of lawyers have the same benefits and advantages they enjoyed as students.

Every student who applies to the Moritz College of Law is considered for a scholarship. Great consideration is given when awarding scholarships, with the prevailing philosophy reflecting a desire to provide financial assistance to students who:

  • demonstrate a high level of financial need;
  • are likely to excel in their legal studies;
  • add to the diversity of the student body;
  • show an aptitude for leadership; and
  • have a record of public service.

For a full listing of scholarships, their criteria, and forms, please refer to the menu to the left.

Applicants should complete all financial aid paperwork at the earliest possible date. However, some scholarships have application deadlines so please be attentive to financial aid deadlines.

Finally, students with an exceptional financial need may apply for Moritz Need-Based Grants by completing a FAFSA and financial need application by Feb. 15 or within three weeks of admission, though FAFSA applications can be submitted before a decision is released. These grants are given independently for each academic year, and students must resubmit a completed FAFSA and need application annually to be considered for renewal.

Scholarship Retention Data

Academic Year Students Entering with *Conditional Scholarships Students whose *Conditional Scholarships Were Reduced or Eliminated
2016-17 4 0
2015-16 4 0
2014-15 4 0
2013-14 3 0

*Pursuant to ABA Rule 509-4, “a conditional scholarship is any financial aid award, the retention of which is dependent upon the student maintaining a GPA or class standing, other than that ordinarily required to remain in good academic standing.” Good academic standing at the Moritz College of Law is a 2.0 GPA.