Appealing the Student Budget

The Moritz College of Law and The Ohio State University Office of Student Financial Aid are required by federal regulations to establish a Student Budget, also referred to as “cost of attendance,” each year for students. This Student Budget represents the maximum amount of money that an independent student, living a modest lifestyle, should need while enrolled as a full-time student.

The Student Budget represents the maximum amount of financial assistance that a law student may be awarded for the academic year through grants, scholarships, and loans. The Student Budget is intended to cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, supplies, and a living allowance for the nine-month academic year.

In certain circumstances, a student may appeal to have the Student Budget increased to accommodate special expenses. Students will be working directly with the Moritz Financial Aid office on documentation needed.

Criteria for Increasing the Student Budget

The following are examples of permissible reasons for requesting an increase:

  • unusual medical/dental expenses
  • child care expenses
  • the purchase of a computer for use in law-school studies
  • higher rental rate than standard budget amount*

*You may appeal for budget adjustment if your rental rate is above standard budget amount.

Obtaining an increase in funding is a three-step process:

  1. A student must file an Appeal Form with the appropriate documentation to have the “ceiling” raised
  2. The appeal is reviewed. If it is successful, the student’s Student Budget will be increased
  3. The student then may apply for additional loan assistance

Contact our Financial Aid Office at or (614) 292-8807 for a copy of the appeal form and for assistance.

Entering students may email the completed form to

If students are unable to email, please mail the completed form to:

Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Moritz College of Law
Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
Room 104D Drinko Hall
55 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Current students also can pick up an appeal form in the Student Services Suite. Check the wall rack located next to Room 104D and return it to the Student Services Suite.