Accepting Financial Aid Packages

The Ohio State University Office of Student Financial Aid prepares an Award Notification for each student who completes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and/or receives a scholarship from the Moritz College of Law. The Award Notification lists all grants, scholarships, and loans available to the student for the coming academic year.

To accept the Federal Stafford Unsubsidized Loan, a student needs to have a valid Ohio State Username and then log onto the Buckeye Link to accept, reduce, or decline the loan. Incoming students need to follow the links on their Student Center to complete the necessary requirements for receipt of their aid.

To accept the Federal Grad PLUS Loan, a Grad PLUS Loan Application is required to be a completed and submitted to the Financial Aid office at Moritz.  The recommended deadline for processing fall semester financial aid is July 15.

Students awarded a grant(s) and/or scholarship(s) from outside of the Moritz College of Law and the University (e.g., from a local philanthropic organization), must inform the Office of Student Financial Aid of this financial assistance. Students should email with the name of the award and the amount of the award.

Students are encouraged to minimize loan assistance whenever possible. In the instance when a student is unsure about the amount of loan assistance needed, the student is advised to request the lowest possible amount of aid to meet expenses. If a student subsequently needs additional aid, he or she may request part or all of the aid that was previously offered but declined.