Scholarships & Financial Aid


The decision to attend law school is, in part, a decision to invest in one’s future. As with any investment, we advise that you seek financial guidance and make informed decision about debt load. The Moritz College of Law’s financial aid philosophy reflects the desire to provide meaningful financial assistance to a broad range of students including through who are likely to excel in their legal studies, who have a record of community/public service, who will contribute to the diversity of the student body, who have demonstrated potential for leadership, or have a significant financial need.

Students at Ohio State receive a high-caliber legal education for an extremely affordable price compared to other nationally ranked law schools. The annual cost of tuition for Ohio residents is about half of what comparably ranked private law schools charge.

We value the investment our students are making. We continually look for ways manage expenses and assist students with minimizing debt loads – from establishing residency in Ohio for out-of-state students after their first year to finding donors who contribute to the more than $3.5 million in grant and scholarship funding awarded annually.

Most of our students pay for law school by drawing from some combination of funding sources: scholarships and grants from the Moritz College of Law and the university; loans, facilitated by Moritz, from the federal government and private lenders; part-time employment during the academic year and summers; and personal and family savings.

Our Financial Aid staff is a fabulous resource for prospective and current students alike. They are ready to help students navigate through their various funding options and answer questions along the way. Find more information contact them at (614) 292-8807 and with questions.