The management of public health and purchase of health care services is a huge and dynamic force in American society. Health care expenditures now account for nearly one out of every $7 of gross domestic product, which is expected to grow as the population ages and new technologies are developed. Economic magnitude alone would make the industry an essential subject of study; however, when combined with the transcendent social, policy, and ethical concerns of health care, the industry presents unique challenges to management and the law.

In recognition of these challenges, The Ohio State University has established a joint-degree program,  leading to a  J.D. and a Master’s Degree in Health Administration (M.H.A.). The  M.H.A. program at Ohio State are highly ranked nationally. Graduates of the joint-degree program will be prepared for leading positions in law firms, employment as counsel to health care organizations, management of health care delivery, and policy-related positions in the public and private sectors.

Course work breakdown

Joint degree candidates pursuing the M.H.A. must earn a total of 76 semester hours of course work at the Moritz College of Law and 49.5 semester hours of course work at the College of Public Health. Typically, J.D. students must complete 88 semester hours of law course work, and M.H.A. students must take 60 semester hours at the College of Public Health. However, because Moritz accepts 12 hours of M.H.A. course work and the College of Public Health accepts 10.5 hours of legal course work, students can complete this joint-degree program in four years instead of five.

The first two years of this joint-degree program may be taken in either order, meaning that joint-degree students may complete their first year of study at the law school or at the College of Public Health. Students then spend their second year of study completing requirements for the other degree-granting program. During the third and fourth years of study, students may take courses from both programs.

For further information about the  M.H.A. program or to obtain an application, please contact:

The Ohio State University
Office of Academic Programs and Student Services
100 Cunz Hall
1841 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH  43210

(614) 292-8350