There are many opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of various areas of law. Our professors are passionate about sharing the most fascinating aspects of their areas of expertise with students in the classroom. Programs, courses, journals, and student groups round out the learning experience for students, giving students freedom to explore their interests and refine their skills.

Legal Writing

Law books stacked with glasses and pen

Regardless of the legal specialty, location, or practice size, there is one truism that rings throughout the legal community: Lawyers write.

Each Moritz graduate successfully completes three semesters of courses focused in legal writing. These courses are essential for students to become effective advocates. They will perfect the basics in formulating, writing, and defending a legal argument — research, jurisdiction, use of authority, standards of review, and effective methods for completing written legal analysis. Legal writing is “thinking made visible,” and in courses at Moritz, students learn how to reason like lawyers by writing and revising legal arguments under the guidance of full-time law professors and practicing attorneys. In addition to the required course in the first-year curriculum, students continue to hone their skills in the upper-level curriculum.

Moritz’s legal writing program is rich in one-on-one learning. Legal writing courses are small, typically with 18 to 20 students in a section. Students have ample opportunity for personal interaction with professors and classmates. Professors schedule multiple one-on-one conferences with students throughout the first year to help students develop their writing style and analysis.

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Programs & Other Opportunities

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