There are many opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of various areas of law. Our professors are passionate about sharing the most fascinating aspects of their areas of expertise with students in the classroom. Programs, courses, journals, and student groups round out the learning experience for students, giving students freedom to explore their interests and refine their skills.

International and Comparative Law


International law consists of two distinct parts. First, public international law includes the rules that govern the relations among nation-states to create order, prevent war, and facilitate cooperation. It also includes the study of several organizations that help govern the international community, such as the United Nations. The second focus of the area is on international business law, which concerns the rights and obligations associated with international exchanges of goods, services, and capital. It, too, includes the study of several organizations that help govern international business and trade, such as the World Trade Organization.

Among a robust list of course offerings taught by full-time faculty who are experts in these areas, Moritz offers concentrated, two-week courses taught by leading practitioners in our Distinguished Practitioners in Residence program.

J.D. students also have a valuable opportunity to take several courses – related to international law or not – alongside international attorneys. Students in Moritz’s LL.M. program, designed for foreign-trained attorneys, take classes with J.D. candidates. This learning environment allows Moritz students to discuss the law with professionals from other countries.

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