There are many opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of various areas of law. Our professors are passionate about sharing the most fascinating aspects of their areas of expertise with students in the classroom. Programs, courses, journals, and student groups round out the learning experience for students, giving students freedom to explore their interests and refine their skills.

Constitutional Law

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The study of constitutional law examines the ways in which the United States Constitution distributes power in the American political system and limits the exercise of those powers. Constitutional law issues arise in most areas of law. Accordingly, courses within this area of study may be relevant to a wide range of student interests. In addition to courses focused on the structure of the Constitution, students also may choose courses focused on the rights it guarantees.

Six Ohio State faculty members have worked as law clerks at the Supreme Court of the United States. In addition to a variety of student groups affiliated with constitutional law, Moritz fields at least two constitutional law moot court teams each year. Many of the articles published by the Ohio State Law Journal also are focused on constitutional law, including those written by students.

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