There are many opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of various areas of law. Our professors are passionate about sharing the most fascinating aspects of their areas of expertise with students in the classroom. Programs, courses, journals, and student groups round out the learning experience for students, giving students freedom to explore their interests and refine their skills.

Commercial and Consumer Law


Commercial law governs the broad areas of commerce, banking, bankruptcy, and consumer transactions. In other words, commercial law makes the economy go around. Every product, ingredient, or service purchased by you or a company by cash, credit, or exchange is governed by commercial and consumer law. Most business transactions and many private purchases are based on or regulated through contractual arrangements.

The first-year required course in Contracts provides an introduction to the law of contracts and explores many fundamental legal concepts regulating trade and commerce. Students may continue to study advanced issues related to commercial law in the upper-level curriculum, including a number of course offerings focused on consumer law and consumer protection.

Students interested in commercial law or consumer protection have multiple opportunities to work with bankruptcy judges as externs or with state agencies, including the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, or nonprofit groups through our externship programs.

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Programs & Other Opportunities

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