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Administrative Law and Government Regulation

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Administrative law reaches into nearly every aspect of modern life. Legislatures and governmental regulatory bodies at the federal, state, and local levels shape policy and regulate activities. Students interested in practicing law in highly regulated areas, including health care, education, environmental advocacy, tax, immigration, telecommunications, and others, will benefit from course work in administrative law.

Students studying in the Administrative Law and Government Regulation area learn to develop, advocate for, and implement policy solutions and interventions that shape lives. A thorough understanding of the legislative process is essential for any lawyer practicing administrative law. While Congress and the states pass legislation, regulatory agencies are left to interpret and implement those laws, often by analyzing and deciphering statutory language to create thousands of rules and regulations to implement the law.

At Moritz, all of our first-year students take the required course Legislation. Our faculty added the course to the core curriculum more than 15 years ago, and other law schools, including Harvard, have followed our lead.

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