What We Look For

Law school is the most intellectually challenging and rewarding period of one’s educational career. The Moritz College of Law curriculum is intense, and our students are serious about their studies. We look not only for those who have a record of academic accomplishment but those who have the capacity to thrive in a rigorous learning environment such as ours.

We consider each application holistically, and there is no single profile most suitable for admission.  Instead of looking for an “ideal” candidate, we invite applicants who bring a variety of skills, accomplishments, and aspirations to contribute to our dynamic community.

Professionalism takes shape in law school. Ohio State law students possess integrity, a strong work ethic, and a spirit of collegiality. They genuinely want each other to succeed so that they may celebrate professional and personal achievements together. We look for people who collaborate with and support the efforts of others.

A commitment to diversity is a commitment to push outside of one’s comfort zone to engage in difficult conversations and embrace new experiences. We look for people who are curious about the world around them and interested in broadening their perspective.

The legal profession is one of great opportunity and profound responsibility. Lawyers serve clients in a wide range of fields, and their communities frequently call on them serve in various capacities because of their analytical and leadership skills. We look for people engaged with their community or the world around them – the kind of people who work toward making a difference in whatever path they have chosen.

Accordingly, the Admissions Office evaluates a variety of factors when considering applicants for admission: academic potential, personal experience and goals, and personal qualities and characteristics. Every part of the application matters. In the end our goal is to find the students who are the best fit and who we can help to become outstanding lawyers and leaders.