Monday, June 26, 2017

7:00PM                             Dinner

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 

8:00AM-9:00AM               Continental Breakfast in Moritz Faculty Lounge 

8:45AM-9:00AM               Welcome

9:00AM-9:45AM               Paper 1: The “Administrative Process” at the 1940s Court,
                                             Presenter: Aditya Bamzai (Virginia)
                                             Commenter: Jon Michaels (UCLA)

9:45AM-10:30AM              Paper 2: Private Standards, Public Norms
                                             Presenter: Emily Bremer (Wyoming)
                                             Commenter: Cathy Sharkey (NYU)


10:45-11:30AM                 Paper 3: Congress in the Administrative State
                                             Presenter: Brian Feinstein (U Chicago)
                                             Commenter: Glen Staszewski (Michigan State)
                                             Commenter: Alex Acs (Ohio State PoliSci)

11:30AM-12:15PM            Paper 4: Further from the People? The Paradox of State Administration
                                             Presenter: Miriam Seifter (Wisconsin)
                                             Commenter: Emily Hammond (GW)
                                             Commenter: Vladimir Kogan (Ohio State PoliSci)

12:15PM-1:45PM              Lunch in Faculty Lounge

1:45PM-2:30PM                Paper 5: First-Person FOIA
                                                Presenter: Margaret Kwoka (U Denver)
                                                Commenter: Peter Shane (Ohio State)

2:30PM-3:15PM                Paper 6: Gaming the Chevron Doctrine?
                                                Presenters: Kent Barnett (U Georgia) & Chris Walker (Ohio State)
                                                Commenter: Cary Coglianese (U Penn)


3:30PM-4:15PM                Paper 7: Private Enforcement in Administrative Courts
                                                Presenter: Michael Sant’Ambrogio (Michigan State)
                                                Commenter: Lisa Heinzerling (Georgetown)

4:15PM-5:00PM                Paper 8: The Democratic Spirit of the New American State
                                                Presenter: Blake Emerson (UCLA)
                                                Commenter: Nick Parrillo (Yale)


7:00PM                             Dinner

Wednesday, June 28th

8:00AM-8:45AM               Continental Breakfast in Faculty Lounge

8:45-9:30AM                     Paper 9: Who Are “Officers of the United States”?
                                                Presenter: Jennifer Mascott (GW/Georgetown)
                                                Commenter: Peter Shane (Ohio State)

9:30-10:15AM                   Paper 10: Independent Executive Agencies
                                                Presenter: Bijal Shah (Arizona State)
                                                Commenter: Cary Coglianese (U Penn)


10:30-11:15AM                 Paper 11: Centralized Review of Tax Regulations
                                                Presenter: Clint Wallace (South Carolina)
                                                Commenter: Lisa Heinzerling (Georgetown)

11:15AM-12PM                 Paper 12: Auer’s Incentives
                                                Presenter: Daniel Walters (U Penn)
                                                Commenter: Cathy Sharkey (NYU)

12PM-1:30PM                   Lunch in Faculty Lounge with Roundtable
                                                on the State of Administrative Law Scholarship Today