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Douglas A. Berman

Criminal Law

Course Description:

Criminal Law covers the moral and penological principles underlying the definition of crime, such as the requirements of actus reus and mens rea, and …

Legal Analysis and Writing I

Course Description:

This course introduces students to legal institutions and processes; methods of legal analysis; research sources and strategies; professionalism issues that confront new lawyers; and …

Legislation Clinic

Course Description:

This clinic helps law students to appreciate the importance of legislative lawyering as they develop their own skills in this arena. By observing and …

Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform Seminar

Course Description:

Course Description: This seminar will examine the social and historical backdrop of intoxicant prohibition, and assess the legal reforms and political debates now surrounding …

Sentencing Law & Policy

Course Description:

This course will review traditional theoretical justifications for punishments and examine in depth society’s always-developing approach to the sentencing of criminal offenders.   Experiential …