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Legal Profession and Ethics

Business of Law

Course Description:

Course Description: In this course, students will analyze shifts in the market for legal services by reviewing literature from law, business, psychology, sociology, among …

Civil Law Clinic

Course Description:

Students work with clients, appear in court, negotiate with opposing counsel, draft motions, and try cases in local, state, and federal courts under faculty …

Criminal Defense Clinic

Course Description:

This clinic operates as a small law office specializing in criminal defense work. Under faculty supervision, each student represents several defendants charged with misdemeanors …

Criminal Prosecution Clinic

Course Description:

Students represent the City of Delaware and the State of Ohio in criminal cases, prosecuting cases as diverse as domestic violence, sexual misconduct, drunk …

E-Discovery Law and Practice

Course Description:

Course Description: This course presents an overview of e-discovery law, as well as an examination of its practical implications for modern commercial litigation and …

Entrepreneurial Business Law Clinic

Course Description:

Students enrolled in the EBLC assist young companies – not ready or able to hire attorneys – on a pro bono basis and offers …

Ethical Issues

Course Description:

This course brings together students and faculty from several professional schools and colleges – Allied Medicine, Education, Law, Medicine, Social Work, and Theology – …

Ethics and ADR Seminar

Course Description:

This course offers both a survey in professional responsibility and in-depth application of the law governing lawyers to alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  Grading is …

Ethics of Washington Lawyering

Course Description:

Course Description: The course will cover the black-letter law of the usual professional responsibility course, such as confidentiality and conflicts of interest, and students …

Justice for Children Clinic

Course Description:

The course examines the substantive and procedural rights of children in a variety of legal contexts. As legal interns certified by the Ohio Supreme …

Law, Lawyers, and Social Movements Seminar

Course Description:

Course Description: This course will examine the relationship between law, lawyers, and social movements, and, in so doing, consider the relationship between law, social …

Lawyers as Leaders

Course Description:

Course Description: Through the cases and exercises, students will gain experience analyzing issues, exercising judgment, and making difficult decisions – the hallmarks of skillful …

Mediation Clinic

Course Description:

This course provides opportunities to develop skills as a mediator, along with basic study of mediation law and policy issues. The course combines the …

Patient Client Care

Course Description:

Course Description: The course provides an opportunity for 12 students from each of the 6 professions – Allied Medicine, Education, Law, Medicine, Social Work, …

Professional Responsibility

Course Description:

Using cases and hypotheticals, the course explores dilemmas that are likely to occur during the practice of law. Emphasis is on the application of …

Social Justice and the Law

Course Description:

Course Description: This course introduces students to important ideas about social justice and its relation to law. Students will be introduced to classic and …