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Environmental Law and Energy

Administrative Law

Course Description:

A study of the administrative law process, concentrating upon the functions and procedures of federal administrative agencies and judicial review of agency actions. Administrative …

Climate Change Law and Policy

Course Description:

Course Description: This course will explore the social, legal, political, and scientific challenges involved in addressing and responding to climate change by considering underlying …

Disaster Law Seminar

Course Description:

Course Description: This seminar explores the emerging field of disaster law, focusing on disaster prevention, emergency response, compensation & insurance, environmental protection, human rights, …

Energy Law

Course Description:

The course offers students a broad overview of the historical development of energy law and the regulation of energy markets and energy infrastructure development …

Environmental Law

Course Description:

This course is a survey course of U.S. environmental law, covering topics including environmental assessment, clean air, clean water, waste management, and endangered species. …

Environmental Law Practicum

Course Description:

Course Description: This course uses a simulation-based curriculum to give students a sense of what environmental law practice is really like and teach them …

Federal Courts

Course Description:

This course examines the scope of and limitations upon the federal judicial power under Article III of the Constitution. It is organized around three …

International Environmental Law

Course Description:

Course Description: This course provides a general introduction to international environmental law and policy. We will begin by analyzing the history and development of international …

Legal Negotiations and Settlements

Course Description:

This highly interactive course is designed to familiarize students with theories, skills and ethics involved in legal negotiation. Through simulations and role-play exercises, students …

Oil and Gas Law

Course Description:

Course Description: This course studies the law governing oil and gas ownership and development. It will include a study of related property interests in …

Public Utilities Seminar

Course Description:

Course Description: This course explores issues concerning the regulation and deregulation of utilities including: retail and wholesale competition, electricity and gas trading, consolidations and alliances, …

Regulatory Compliance

Course Description:

Course Description: This course will analyze the legal, ethical and policy foundations of regulatory compliance: the effort to translate statutory requirements into compliant corporate …