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Education Law and Policy

Administrative Law

Course Description:

A study of the administrative law process, concentrating upon the functions and procedures of federal administrative agencies and judicial review of agency actions. Administrative …

Disability Discrimination

Course Description:

Course Description: The course explores legal and policy issues related to the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Individuals with …

Education Law

Course Description:

This course will focus primarily on K-12 education wherein students examine myriad topics: school safety issues and related efforts to protect student privacy and …

Employment Law

Course Description:

This course focuses on federal and state regulation of the employment relationship, including constitutional, statutory, and common-law restrictions on employer activities. Subjects covered include …

Justice for Children Clinic

Course Description:

The course examines the substantive and procedural rights of children in a variety of legal contexts. As legal interns certified by the Ohio Supreme …

Labor Law

Course Description:

This course will explore federal regulation of labor-management relations in private sector, focusing upon employee organizational and representational rights; selection of bargaining representative; collective …

Mediation Clinic

Course Description:

This course provides opportunities to develop skills as a mediator, along with basic study of mediation law and policy issues. The course combines the …

Nonprofit Organizations

Course Description:

Course Description: This course will examine the major aspects of governance and tax law issues affecting the nonprofit sector. The emphasis will be on …

Regulatory Compliance

Course Description:

Course Description: This course will analyze the legal, ethical and policy foundations of regulatory compliance: the effort to translate statutory requirements into compliant corporate …

Special Education Advocacy

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to prepare students to be an advocate on behalf of children with disabilities. It is a highly practical …

The Lawyer in the Community

Course Description:

Course Description: This course is about the lawyer’s relationship to the larger community in which s/he works and lives. It surveys traditional and nontraditional …