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Together as Buckeyes—Academic Year 2021-22


What is the academic calendar for this year?

Please review the Academic Calendar for information about the dates of classes. Note that the College of Law will have an Autumn Break on Thursday, October 14 and Friday, October 15. Also, classes will not be held on Election Day, Tuesday, November 2.


How will classes be taught this year?

As previously announced, instruction at the College of Law this year will consist primarily of in-person courses, with a small percentage of classes being taught online. You may view your class schedule and instructional mode on BuckeyeLink.


Where will my classes meet?

You can view your course schedule, including classroom location, on BuckeyeLink.


What happens if I’m not feeling well and need to stay home from my in-person class that day?

If you are feeling ill, please do not come to campus. Anyone who is has a symptom of an illness should stay home. When a student is ill or is ordered to isolate or quarantine, the student, faculty members, and the College will work together to determine flexible solutions. This flexibility might include a period of remote participation, attendance by watching class recordings, altered attendance requirements, and/or adjustments of deadlines. Students will not be penalized for absences that result from following University policies or governmental orders regarding isolation or quarantine.


Will classes be recorded? 

To the greatest extent possible, cognizant of client confidentiality requirements and pedagogical limitations, faculty are encouraged to record their classes and make the recordings available to students. Each faculty member will communicate their recording policy clearly to students at the beginning of the semester.


What will grading look like for the 2021-22 academic year?

The College of Law will use our traditional grading system, detailed in our Faculty Rules.


Are there options if I cannot complete my work this semester due to COVID-19?

Yes. Our existing Faculty Rules provide an option for students who cannot complete their course work by the end of a semester to take a temporary grade of “Incomplete.” Under Rule 9.50, the faculty member teaching the course shall set a date certain for completion of course work. That date may be as late as the end of the examination period of the semester following the semester in which the course was offered.


What if I need accommodations?

Students who may need COVID-19 or any other form of accommodations should contact Student Life Disability Services for information and assistance.


Students who do not meet the requirements for an accommodation from Student Life Disability Services should write to Associate Dean Anne Ralph and Assistant Dean Darren Nealy to seek permission to take classes online. In making the decision as to whether to allow a student to attend their classes in an online format, factors that may be considered include: whether the student or a household member in the Columbus area fall within a CDC risk category, and whether the student suffers from a diagnosed mental health disorder that may affect their ability to thrive in an in-person context.



Are there support services available to students whose coursework or performance is affected by the pandemic?

Yes. We understand that pandemic-related uncertainty is a significant source of stress, and we know that many students are worried about how COVID-related hardships might affect your ability to complete the work in your courses this semester. We are committed to supporting student success and well-being along every dimension.

Any student who feels the pandemic is impacting their ability to complete course work should reach out for assistance. Dean Nealy is available for guidance for J.D. students. LL.M. and MSL students should contact Dean Fernandez (until August 31) or Dean Rose (after August 31). They can help you navigate any needs you may have for accommodations. They also can field questions about your eligibility for emergency funding sources.


Will faculty and staff offer office hours in person or virtually? 

Faculty and staff will hold a combination of virtual and in-person office hours. Each faculty and staff member will communicate their availability clearly in multiple, readily available, formats.


Is the College of Law prepared to operate completely virtually if this becomes necessary?

Yes. The College of Law has engaged in contingency planning and will be prepared to operate virtually, if this becomes necessary.

What are the building hours for Autumn Semester 2021?

College of Law students, staff, and faculty will have swipe-card access to Drinko Hall, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with their BuckID.


What are the Law Library hours for the Autumn semester?

Please consult the library’s website: Law Library Hours.


Will I be able to enter the building from any Drinko Hall door with swipe access?

Public access to the building will be limited to the main foyer doors on the North side of the building (facing 12th Avenue). Members of the College of law community will also be able to use the doors on the East side of the building (facing High Street) using their BuckID.


Who will be allowed to access the Law Library?

Access will be limited to College of Law students, staff, and faculty. Access will be by BuckID only.


Will there be someone staffing Drinko Hall’s Welcome Desk who can provide direction, information, and back-up PPE for anyone entering the building?

Yes. The Welcome Desk in the front foyer of Drinko Hall will be staffed during most building open hours. The person staffing this desk will be able to direct entrants to classrooms, answer general questions, and provide spare masks to anyone who enters the building without one. Please respect physical distancing when speaking with the Welcome Desk staff.


Will students be able to access normal student spaces (e.g., common rooms, journal suites) in Drinko Hall?

Yes. These spaces will be accessible. Students should keep in mind the need to respect safe distances.


 Will the Clinic Suite be accessible?

Yes. However, access and use will be limited to Clinic faculty and staff and students enrolled in a Fall Clinic.


Will students still have access to printing facilities?



Will the bathrooms in Drinko Hall be accessible?

Yes. Bathrooms will remain open.


Will the elevators be available for use?

Yes. The elevators will remain fully accessible and will be cleaned regularly. For additional convenience, cleaning/sanitizing supplies will be made available near the elevators.


Will eating and drinking be allowed in the building?

With the exception of water, eating and drinking will not be permitted during classes (or in classrooms), meetings, and in the Law Library. Eating will be permitted in certain designated spaces, including Lou’s Café, individual offices (with doors closed), the faculty and staff lounges, and outdoor spaces.

Refrigerators and microwaves will remain available for use; normal care and cleaning should be maintained. Anyone using break rooms, kitchens, or kitchen equipment should wipe down surfaces after each use, including handles and buttons on water coolers, microwaves, and refrigerators.


Will food be served at College events?

Food should not be served at communal events inside the building. For any events for which food is provided, food should be boxed for individual servings and should only be made available on a “to go,” carry-away basis following the event so that it can be eaten in a safe, designated space. Moreover, for any events that provide food of any kind, the organizer must pre-register the event and designate a person who will be responsible for any necessary clean-up.

Will Drinko Hall be cleaned regularly?

Yes. The building will be cleaned regularly. In addition to normal housekeeping, high touch points in common areas will be disinfected daily. Moreover, extra cleaning/sanitizing supplies will be made available throughout the building.

Do I need to wear a mask to enter Drinko Hall?

Yes. All persons entering Drinko Hall must wear an appropriate face covering to reduce spread of COVID-19. Masks must be worn at all times inside Drinko Hall unless you are actively eating or drinking in a designated food consumption area or are alone in an office with a closed door.


What happens if I see someone who is not complying with mask requirements—or if I otherwise have health and safety concerns?

If you have any health and safety concerns, please contact Dean NealyDean States, or Dean Northern, and share your concerns so that they can be promptly and properly addressed.


Health and safety concerns can also be reported, as appropriate, to the University:


Will the College of Law have additional PPE available for use?

Yes. The College of Law will keep limited supplies of additional masks on hand for anyone who seeks to enter the building without one. Hand sanitizer stations have also been installed throughout the building, and all individuals in Drinko Hall should wash their hands with soap and water regularly.


Will there be signage installed in the building providing guidance on mask requirements and wayfinding?

Yes. Signage has been installed throughout the building. Signage includes information on hand washing, mask requirements, and wayfinding.


How do I meet with College of Law faculty and staff?

Faculty and staff will hold a combination of virtual and in-person office hours. Each faculty and staff member will communicate their availability clearly in multiple, readily available, formats.

More detail about how to contact specific staff members is below.


How do I work with the Career Development Office?

All upper-level students are assigned a career advisor. Please contact Kim Barker, if you need to confirm to whom you are assigned.

First-year law students are encouraged to attend all our CD101 fall semester programming and are required to attend four. Career advisors will be assigned early in the Fall semester; they will reach out to their assigned students directly.


If you have general questions, please feel free to contact any one on our career development team:

Lakin Miehls

Liza Moore

Cybele Smith

Beth Watkins

Cheri Wiles


LLM students can schedule an appointment with Assistant Director Megan Avellana here.

 1L Fall Semester Career Development Programs (CD101)

Understanding the Legal Market: September 22, 12:15-1:15

Purposeful Engagement and Informational Interview Skills: September 29, 12:15-1:15

Careers in the Public Sector: October 6, 12:15-1:15

Interviewing to Land the Job: A Mock Interview: October 13, 12:15-1:15

Communication, Email, and LinkedIn: October 20, 12:15-1:15

What I Did My 1L Summer: October 27, 12:15-1:15

How to Research and Apply for Jobs: November 3, 12:15-1:15


Where do I go for questions about financial aid or residency?

Questions about your financial aid, Statement of Account, Residency, and other general aid questions can be directed to

If you are going to apply for residency reclassification, please watch this introductory video from the Ohio State Registrar.

If you are deferring federal loans and need proof of enrollment from the College, email necessary paperwork to


How do I obtain information relating to records or registrar matters? 

Please submit your questions to


How do I meet with my Academic Advisor?

LL.M. and MSL students can seek advising from Dean Fernandez (until August 31). Thereafter, they should contact Dean Rose.

J.D. students should contact Assistant Dean Darren Nealy. You can make an appointment to meet with Dean Nealy here, via text message (614.698.8890), or by phone (614.688.4676 or 614.698.8890).


Where do I go to discuss or address issues relating to Diversity and Inclusion?

Please contact Associate Dean Kathy Northern.


How can I sign up for or ask questions about Mentoring & More @ Moritz?

Individuals with questions about Mentoring & More @ Moritz should contact


How can I sign-up or ask questions about Program on Law and Leadership?

Please contact Mary Rose Sullivan (614.247.8879).


How can I ask questions about the Moot Court program?

Please contact Mary Rose Sullivan (614.247.8879).


How can I ask questions about Election Law @ Moritz?

Please contact Gillian Thomson.


How can I ask questions about the Program on Data and Governance?

Please contact Gillian Thomson.


How can I ask questions about the Program on Law, Finance, and Governance?

Please contact Mary Rose Sullivan (614.247.8879).


How can I ask questions about the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center?

Please contact Jana Hrdinová.


Who do I contact about adding events to the College calendar? 

Please contact Brenda Robinson.


How can I connect with student organizations?

If you are looking for a specific student organization, we recommend utilizing the university student organization search engine, a wonderful tool for determining an organization’s leadership contacts.

If you’re looking to find out which student organizations may be of interest to you, please contact Student Services Coordinator Angela Henderson or Assistant Dean Darren Nealy.


What mental health resources are available for College of Law students?

Both the College of Law and the university have mental health resources available for students. These include access to our embedded counselor, Audia Fraley, as well as urgent care and triage counseling provided from the university. Both the Wexner Medical Center and the Ohio State Chief Wellness Officer have made available helpful mental health online resources specific to the coronavirus pandemic.