Together as Buckeyes—Autumn 2020

As a community, we are stronger.



Has the academic calendar changed for this year?

Yes. The last day of in-person class meetings for the semester will be Tuesday, November 24. Between Thanksgiving and December 4, all class meetings will take place online, even if courses had previously met in person. Please review the Moritz Academic Calendar for further detail.

What will grading look like for the fall?

Moritz will use our traditional grading system, provided for in our Faculty Rules, for autumn semester 2020. The Academic Affairs committee considered other approaches to grading for the semester. Ultimately, the faculty voted to amend our faculty rules in other ways to help affected students.

These amendments provide options for students who experience any hardship that affects their ability to complete their courses:

First, we amended Rule 9.20(D) to allow first-year students to withdraw from a course without penalty in the first seven weeks of the semester; after the first seven weeks of the semester, the student may withdraw with the permission of the course instructor and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Second, we amended Rule 9.22(B) to allow upper-level students to withdraw from seminars and professional skills classes under the same terms provided in Rule 9.22(C). Specifically, an upper-level student may withdraw from any course other than a clinic without penalty in the first seven weeks of the semester; after the first seven weeks of the semester, the student may withdraw with the permission of the course instructor and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Due to the professional responsibilities students undertake in clinics, Rule 9.22(B) remains in effect for all clinics. That is, students may withdraw from clinics after the first full week of the semester only with the approval of the instructor and dean’s designee.

Finally, we amended Rule 9.22(C) to allow any student who has withdrawn from a class to re-enroll in the same class in a different semester without being subject to low priority. This amendment waives the provision of Rule 9.22(C) that gives a student who withdraws from a course low priority for enrollment in the same course in a subsequent term.

Are there options if I cannot complete my work this semester due to COVID-19?

Yes. Our existing Moritz Faculty Rules provide an option for students who cannot complete their course work by the end of a semester to take a temporary grade of “Incomplete.” Under Rule 9.50, the faculty member teaching the course shall set a date certain for completion of course work. That date may be as late as the end of the examination period of the semester following the semester in which the course was offered.

Are there support services available to students whose coursework or performance is affected by the pandemic?

Yes. We understand that pandemic-related uncertainty is a significant source of stress, and we know that many students are worried about how COVID-19-related hardships might affect your ability to complete the work in your courses this semester. We are committed to supporting student success and well-being along every dimension.

Any student who feels the pandemic is impacting their ability to complete course work should reach out for assistance. Dean Nealy is available for guidance for J.D. students. LL.M. and MSL students should contact Dean Fernandez-Alvarez. They can help you navigate any needs you may have for accommodations. They also can field questions about your eligibility for emergency funding sources.

Ohio State announced that all exams will be remote. Does that apply to Moritz?

Yes. All exams at the College of Law will be conducted remotely in the Autumn 2020 semester.

When will my exams take place?

The exam schedule for Autumn 2020 will be announced later in the semester and posted here.

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