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How do I meet with College of Law faculty and staff?

Most staff will hold meetings with students virtually. If you need a space to have a confidential virtual meeting, library group study rooms may be reserved. Some staff members may also hold meetings outside, weather permitting.

Faculty members will announce their office hour policies to the students in their classes.

More detail about how to contact specific staff members is below.

How do I meet with my Career Development advisor?

J.D. students should email their career advisors to arrange a meeting. If you don’t know who your advisor is, please contact Ingrid Rivera. She plans to be available in person in the Student Services Suite on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

For convenience, you can click here to email your advisor:

Linda Jones

Lakin Miehls

Liza Moore

Lori Serpico

Cybele Smith

Beth Watkins

Cheri Wiles

LL.M. students can schedule an appointment with Assistant Director Megan Avellana here.

 Where do I go for questions about financial aid or residency?

Questions about your financial aid, Statement of Account, Residency, and other general aid questions can be directed to

If you are going to apply for residency reclassification, please watch this introductory video from the Ohio State Registrar.

If you are deferring federal loans, you can bring a hard copy of your form to Beth Stiles at the Registrar window beginning August 17.  If you are not in-person, you can email your form to Ms. Stiles.

How do I ask the Registrar questions? 

Registrar Beth Stiles is scheduled to be present in Drinko Hall on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On those days, she can be found in her office, Room 122. Protective measures in her office space include a sliding glass window that will separate visitors from the Registrar suite. Students and visitors may approach the window to ask questions. On other days of the week, you can reach the Registrar via email or telephone (614.292.5992).

How do I meet with my Academic Advisor?

LL.M. and MSL students can schedule an appointment with Assistant Dean Laura Fernández-Álvarez by clicking here.

J.D. students should contact Assistant Dean Daren Nealy. The best ways to meet with Dean Nealy are via Zoom or telephone. When necessary, Dean Nealy will consider requests for in-person meetings, but those meeting are likely to occur outdoors in a spatially distanced manner while wearing facial coverings or masks.

You can make an appointment to meet with Dean Nealy here, via text message (614.698.8890), or by phone (614.688.4676 or 614.698.8890).

Dean Nealy is scheduled to be present in Drinko Hall on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, but can be reached on the remaining days of the week when he will be working remotely.

Where do I go to discuss or address issues relating to Diversity and Inclusion?

Please contact Associate Dean Kathy Northern.

How can I sign up for or ask questions about Mentoring & More @ Moritz?

The signup period for the 2020-21 Mentoring & More @ Moritz program is now closed. Individuals with questions about Mentoring & More @ Moritz should contact

How can I sign-up or ask questions about Program on Law and Leadership?

Please contact Mary Rose Sullivan (614.247.8879).

How can I ask questions about the Moot Court program?

Please contact Mary Rose Sullivan (614.247.8879). You can also contact Rachel Riestenberg (, Chief Justice of the Moot Court Governing Board.

How can I ask questions about Election Law @ Moritz?

Please contact Gillian Thomson.

How can I ask questions about the Program on Data and Governance?

Please contact Gillian Thomson.

How can I ask questions about the Program on Law, Finance, and Governance?

Please contact Mary Rose Sullivan (614.247.8879).

How can I ask questions about the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center?

Please contact Jana Hrdinová.

How can I connect with student organizations?

If you are looking for a specific student organization, we recommend utilizing the university student organization search engine, a wonderful tool for determining an organization’s leadership contacts.

If you’re looking to find out which student organizations may be of interest to you, please contact Student Services Coordinator Angela Henderson or Assistant Dean Darren Nealy.

What mental health resources are available for Moritz students?

Both the College of Law and the university have mental health resources available for students. These include access to our embedded counselor, Dr. Urbanczyk, as well as urgent care and triage counseling, provided from the university. Both the Wexner Medical Center and the Ohio State Chief Wellness Officer have made available helpful mental health online resources specific to the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, on August 13, Dean Davies announced that the College of Law will pursue obtaining the resources of a full-time embedded mental health counselor for Moritz students. We are proceeding with haste to take the steps necessary to make this hire. An update will be provided as soon as possible.

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