Together as BuckeyesAcademic Year 2020-2021

As a community, we are stronger.



 Will students be able to access normal student spaces (e.g., common rooms, journal suites) in Drinko Hall?

 Yes. These spaces will be accessible, but use will be limited by physical distancing guidelines. In some cases, this may limit access to one student at a time.

Will students be able to host in-person events?

In an effort to do all that we possibly can, Ohio State is temporarily suspending all in-person student organization events or gatherings, of any size and/or location through Sept. 9. This new action is not a punishment and we are not suggesting that these student organizations have done anything wrong. The goal is to work toward a resumption of small group interaction as soon as possible, and we will keep student organizations updated as testing data is available.

Am I going to be able to participate in extracurricular activities remotely for COVID-19-related reasons?

For any program that carries academic credit (e.g., journals) or any activity that could be seen to confer an academic or competitive benefit to students (e.g., 1L competition), we strongly encourage that the experience be provided online to minimize inequities to students who are unable to participate in person for COVID-19-related reasons.

Will student groups be able to use available funds to purchase food for events?

The College supports and will work with student groups that wish to find ways to continue to provide attendees of in-person and virtual events with access to food using student life funds. All such activities and food purchases must comply with Student Life Guidance.

Will students have access to lockers during the autumn 2020 semester?

To facilitate physical distancing, the number of lockers available for use will be limited. Locker use will be allocated upon request based on student need. Need will be based on a number of factors, including the number and timing of in-person classes. All disability/health accommodations will be met.

Will tabling be allowed during the autumn semester?

Tabling is discouraged. If tabling is deemed necessary, it will be limited to one student organization a day. Tables will be limited to single occupancy, and physical distancing must be maintained at all times. Outside vendors will not be permitted to table in Drinko Hall during the autumn 2020 semester.

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