Together as BuckeyesAcademic Year 2020-2021

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What are the building hours for Spring Semester 2021?

Drinko Hall hours will be as follows, subject to later adjustment, during the spring semester:


January 11 to End of Semester
Monday thru Thursday 7 am to 9 pm
Friday 7 am to 9 pm
Saturday 8 am to 6 pm
Sunday 8 am to 6 pm


What are the Law Library hours for the Spring semester?

The Law Library hours will be as follows, subject to later adjustment:

  January 11 thru 24 January 25 to End of Semester
Monday thru Wednesday CLOSED 8 am to 8 pm
Thursday & Friday CLOSED 8 am to 6 pm
Sunday CLOSED Noon to 6 pm

Will I be able to enter the building from any Drinko Hall door with swipe access?

General access to the building will be limited to the main foyer doors on the North side of the building (facing 12th Avenue). Members of the Moritz community will also be able to use the doors on the East side of the building (facing High Street).

Who will be allowed to access the Law Library?

Access will be limited to Moritz College of Law students, staff, and faculty. Access will be by Buckeye Swipe only. Seating in the library will be limited to allow physical distancing. Seating will be reservable through an online reservation system.

Will there be someone staffing Drinko Hall’s Welcome Desk who can provide direction, information, and back-up PPE for anyone entering the building?

Yes. The Welcome Desk in the front foyer of Drinko Hall will be staffed during most building open hours. The person staffing this desk will be able to direct entrants to classrooms, answer general questions, and provide spare masks to anyone who enters the building without one. Please respect physical distancing when speaking with the Welcome Desk staff.

Will students be able to access normal student spaces (e.g., common rooms, journal suites) in Drinko Hall?

Yes. These spaces will be accessible, but use will be limited by physical distancing guidelines. In some cases, this may limit access to one student at a time.

Will the Clinic Suite be accessible?

Yes, however, access and use will be limited to Clinic faculty and staff and students enrolled in a Fall Clinic.

Will students still have access to printing facilities?

Yes. Students will still have access to printing facilities. The computer and printing equipment have been reconfigured to facilitate safe access.

Will the bathrooms in Drinko Hall be accessible?

Yes. The bathrooms will remain open, but the number of stalls accessible will be limited to allow for physical distancing. If bathrooms are occupied, please wait in the hallway until the next bathroom stall is available.

Will the elevators be available for use?

Yes. The elevators will remain fully accessible and will be cleaned regularly. For additional convenience, cleaning/sanitizing supplies will be made available near the elevators.

Will eating and drinking be allowed in the building?

With the exception of water, eating and drinking will not be permitted during classes (or in classrooms), meetings, and in other communal settings. Eating will be permitted in certain designated spaces, including Lou’s Café, individual offices, the faculty and staff lounges, outdoor spaces, and in student suites/spaces where only one student is present or where physical distancing can be safely maintained.

Refrigerators and microwaves will remain available for use; normal care and cleaning should be maintained. Anyone using break rooms, kitchens, or kitchen equipment should wipe down surfaces after each use, including handles and buttons on water coolers, microwaves, and refrigerators.

Will food be served at College events?

Food should not be served at communal events inside the building. For any events for which food is provided, food should be boxed for individual servings and should only be made available to go following the event so that it can be eaten in a safe, designated space. Moreover, for any events that provide food of any kind, the organizer must pre-register the event and designate a person who will be responsible for any necessary clean-up.

Will there be non-law classes in Drinko Hall?

Yes. There will be some non-law classes that meet in Drinko Hall. The non-law classes are primarily limited to Saxbe and the large lecture rooms on the third floor.

Will there be signage installed in the building providing guidance on physical distancing and wayfinding?

Yes. Signage has been installed throughout the building. Signage includes information on physical distancing, hand washing, mask requirements, and wayfinding.

Will Drinko Hall be cleaned regularly?

Yes. The building will be cleaned regularly. In addition to normal housekeeping, high touch points in common areas will be disinfected twice daily. Moreover, extra cleaning/sanitizing supplies will be made available throughout the building.

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