Together as Buckeyes—Autumn 2020

As a community, we are stronger.



Can I take my courses online this semester?

Yes. We have created a special online track for 1Ls who would like to take their courses entirely online. 2Ls and 3Ls who would like to take their classes online may select courses being offered in that format or participate remotely in courses being taught in-person.

Do I have to attend classes in person?

No. On Thursday, July 23, 2020, the Moritz faculty approved the following policy: “Any student is able to take an in-person class entirely remotely or partly remotely at any point in the semester for COVID-related reasons without a formal accommodation.”

All in-person course sessions will be made available live (i.e., in real time) online so that students who are unable to attend in person for COVID-19-related reasons can attend class remotely instead.

If you know you will be participating remotely in an in-person class for the entire semester, you should contact the instructor for the in-person course to let the instructor know. In the event that you wish to participate remotely at a later point in the semester, you should notify the instructor at that time and follow any announced course policies.

If I am taking a class online (or taking an in-person class remotely), can I attend class by watching a recording on my own schedule?

All in-person course sessions will be recorded so that students who must miss the live class for COVID-19-related reasons or for an illness or emergency can access the instruction (this does not apply to portions of a class where client confidentiality might be breached by recording the class, e.g., clinic courses). However, regular and punctual class attendance and preparation for class is a requirement for all students, consistent with College Rule 9.08 and ABA Standard 308.

You should attend during the live meeting of the class, regardless of format, unless an individual faculty member announces a different rule. A faculty member may establish a more specific rule of attendance by announcement.

If you become ill, need to care for someone who is ill, or experience caregiving interruptions because of COVID-19, please contact Assistant Dean Darren Nealy. You can also view an attendance policy that has been adopted by many faculty members here.

How will my online course be conducted?

Faculty teaching online courses will share electronically with their students how the course will be managed as soon as possible, and at least prior to the first day of classes.

Online courses will meet our high standards for teaching and learning. All autumn 2020 courses that are taught as fully online courses will be reviewed prior to the start of the semester by the Academic Affairs Committee and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to ensure that the courses meet best practices for online course delivery, including for student experience and access.

Will faculty still offer office hours?

Yes, of course. Individual faculty members will communicate to students the way(s) in which they will offer office hours (e.g., virtually, in-person in adequately sized inside spaces, or in outdoor spaces). Office hours will not be held in faculty offices where physical distancing cannot be accommodated.

Where will my classes meet?

You can view your course schedule, including classroom location, on Buckeye Link.

Will some law classes be held in other parts of Ohio State’s campus?

Yes. While most in-person College of Law classes will be in Drinko Hall as usual, some law classes will take place in OSU buildings other than Drinko Hall this semester. This arrangement allows us to ensure in-person opportunities and to comply with physical distancing guidelines. Right now, 15 courses are scheduled outside Drinko. They are concentrated in three buildings within walking distance of Drinko: The Union, Mershon Auditorium, and Pomerene Hall. We may be able to find spaces in Drinko for these courses to meet safely, so if you are scheduled in a room outside Drinko, you should keep checking your schedule in Buckeye Link until the start of the semester.

Is the College of Law prepared to operate completely virtually if this becomes necessary?

Yes. The College of Law has engaged in contingency planning and will be prepared to operate virtually, if this becomes necessary.

View the FAQs for the topics below to learn how we are adapting to the changed circumstances of the day.