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Ohio State Technology Law Journal

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Fall 2021
Volume 18, Issue 1
Maura R. Grossman, J.D., Ph.D. and Gordon V. Cormack, Ph.D.
The eDiscovery Medicine Show

As recently as 100 years ago, harmful practices such as bloodletting were still advanced as sound medical practice by expert practitioners. Bloodletting gradually fell into disfavor as a growing body of scientific evidence showed its ineffectiveness and demonstrated the effectiveness of various pharmaceuticals for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.

Richard Gruner, J.D., Ph.D.
The Secrecy Gambit: Why Do Patent Applicants Forego Foreign Rights To Retain Temporary Secrecy?

United States patent applicants have choices about the secrecy of their applications. Most patent applications are published 18 months after filing; however, an applicant can choose to keep an application secret until a patent issues, but at the cost of losing the option for foreign patent filings.

Kearston Wesner and Katie Blevins
Restraining The Surveillance Society: Comparing Privacy Policies For Automated License Plate Readers In The United States And The United Kingdom

In May 2020, the Ninth Circuit addressed an increasingly pressing question: when law enforcement uses automated-license plate reader (ALPR) technology without a warrant, does this constitute a search in violation of the Fourth Amendment right to privacy?

Rob Willey and Melanie Knapp
How To Increase Citations To Legal Scholarship

Using nearly 250,000 law review articles published on HeinOnline over a five-year period, the authors analyze citation patterns and their relation to characteristics of the articles such as title length, number of authors, article length, publication format, and more.