How to Apply

Below are the details for the 2014 program.  The first round of applications were due on Friday, Nov. 25, 2013.  We have a few slots still available and will be considering applications on a rolling basis through January 31, 2014.  Please follow the application process detailed below.  Please contact Professor Dakota Rudesill or Professor Chris Walker if you have any questions.

Enrollment in the 2014 Program

The program has worked best in past years for students who have taken primary responsibility for their placements.  Professors will provide sounding boards, guidance, and door opening.  Career Services and Professors will assist with the development of your application materials to particular organizations.

In many years, the program has filled on the first day of enrollment.  Students should email their package to, with “Washington Program 2014 Application” in the subject line.   If the program does not fill in the first round, a second round of applications will be considered, due Jan. 15, 2014.  Students who applied the first round but who were not accepted will be automatically reconsidered and need not apply again unless they have additional or revised information they would like to submit.   Registration will then remain open until the program is full. One result of the process may be a wait list.  This enrollment system is based on the idea that most students who really want to participate will meet the first deadline.  If there is a particular reason you cannot submit materials that day in person, contact one or both of the professors in advance.

What to Include in Your Application Package

We ask you to provide information that will help us in appraising your interest and ability to sell yourself, and help us in matching you with an externship.  Please submit:

  1. A brief cover letter addressed to Professors Rudesill and Walker, listing the materials you are attaching and including your contact information.
  2. The attached Questionnaire, filled out. 
  3. An example application package for an externship.  This is your first cut, and should not be sent to an actual potential employer.  The package should include an example cover letter addressed to the employer and resume.  The resume should include your name, address, phone number (including cell number if you use it), email address, and at least two references.  A one-page resume is ideal.  Do not go over two pages.  The resume should include any work or volunteer experience that you consider relevant.

Tuition and Living Expenses

The tuition for the summer program is based on the five units of law school credit that you will receive.  In 2014, the base tuition will be $7,862 for Ohio residents and $9,785 for nonresidents.  This fee covers the five credits of coursework, the time and effort of The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law in placing you with an externship, and a fee to pay for facilities in Washington, D.C. for classes.

Based on past experience, other living expenses for the two months of the program are estimated at: room and board, $3,700; transportation (including travel to Washington, D.C. from Columbus and metro/bus in D.C.) $1,000; other living expenses $725. Books for the courses are estimated at $150. (In considering these expenses, it may help to remember that you would be paying living expenses wherever you are for the summer.)

Is the Program a Good Investment?

Each student will have to decide how to spend the first summer after law school. Some students come to the program in their second summer. Many students in the program have found it an excellent investment as part of their law school experience. Here are some things students have emphasized:

Quality of the externships. Students work in federal agencies and nonprofit groups that are national leaders in their fields. By working with leaders in their fields, Moritz students learn-by-doing policy and law practice.

An insider’s understanding of Washington, D.C. Students get an insider’s view of government at the federal level through the externship, the student seminar papers about different jobs, guest speakers, and discussion with Professors Rudesill and Walker of their experience in Washington in all three branches of the federal government and private practice.

Put yourself on the national stage. A summer working in Washington, D.C., underscores to prospective employers your seriousness about working and living in the nation’s capital.  More broadly, working in D.C. is a national legal experience that many future employers nationwide value.

Develop expertise in a field. Most externships are in a specific field, such as health care, high-tech, or international trade. Your externship thus provides a chance to become more knowledgeable in that field, and to signal that expertise to future employers.

A good investment as part of the Moritz experience. Some students had considered attending schools in the Washington, D.C., area that have tuition considerably higher than Ohio State. The summer program provides an opportunity to get a quality work, academic, and social experience in D.C., as part of the high-quality and more manageable cost of a Moritz education.

Does the Program Qualify for Financial Aid?

Yes. The Moritz Financial Aid Office will work with you on this.

How Will Participation in the Washington, D.C., Program Affect My Ohio Legal Residency?

Residency is handled the same for this program as for the Oxford Summer Program. Students count their time in an approved program of the Moritz College of Law as time for residency in the state of Ohio.