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Moritz Technical Support

Connecting to OSU Wireless

Wireless service is now provided by OSU OIT(osuwireless). You must register for an OSU Wireless Account using your OSU Internet Username (name.#) to use the service.

Registering for an OSU Wireless Account

If you have an OSU username (e.g. brutus.2011)  but NOT an OSU Wireless Account, you need to go to link below to activate an account.


  1. Enter your user name in first box (name.#) and your current password in the second box, click on Log in button. This begins a four (4) step process of activation.

  2. Step 1 - Security Agreement: Read the agreement to abide by OSU security policies. Click on the I agree button at bottom of page.

  3. Step 2 - Security Questions: You will select from a list of security questions one at a time and answer them. When finished click on the Submit button.

  4. Step 3 - Set Password: Enter a password for the account following the password rules listed below, then re-enter the password for verification. Click on Submit button. NOTE: The password you create will be used for access to all OSU functions (email, wireless, Buckeye Link, etc.) This new password will expire in 90 days..

  5. Step 4 - E-mail Delivery: Choose to use the OSU email service or to forward your E-mail to another E-mail account. Click on the Submit button.

  6. Setup information on a variety of wireless devices can be found here: http://8help.osu.edu/cat_wireless.html

If you already have a wireless account name.#w (e.g. brutus.2011w) this account is now considered stale meaning the password cannot be reset. The username and password will expire on 10/31/11. Anyone with a name.#w username and related password will need to re-register by 10/31/11 at my.osu.edu under their regular username (e.g. brutus.2011) for a password conforming to the new OSU IdM(Identity and Access Management) standards.

IF you have questions or need assistance, contact Moritz Help at 247-6885 or moritzhelp@osu.edu