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Technical Tips - Outlook 2010 - Search when you have forgotten sender's email address

Suppose you need to send an E-mail to someone you seldom communicate with.  You know you E-mailed them in the past, but you cannot remember their E-mail address or even their name.

Suggested Contacts automatically keeps track of everyone you send a message to. Unlike the Auto-Complete List that appears when you begin typing a name or e-mail address in the To, Cc, or Bcc boxes of a message, you can search your suggested contacts, and there is no maximum number of suggested contacts (the Auto-Complete List has a maximum of 1,000 entries). 

If you remember the company the person works for (@ohsd.uscourts.gov. @jonesday.com, @porterwright.com, etc.) or the type of E-mail account they used (@gmail.com, @columbus,rr.com, etc.), you can go to the suggested contacts folder and in the search box type the domain name (@ sign followed by company or type account as shown above).   A list of all addresses that meet the criteria will be displayed to aid you in your search.