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Technical Tip: Outlook 2010 Rules to manage mailbox

There are probably times when you receive E-mail which is not essential to your day to day business, but is still something you want to keep and deal with at your leisure.  To keep this E-mail from filling up your inbox, set up a rule that transfers the received E-mail from the Inbox to a folder for review at a later time.
Simple Rule setup:

Automatic rule using selected E-mail:
  1. Select an E-mail you wish to re-route from the Inbox
  2.  Right click on E-mail. 
  3. Choose Rules from popup menu with left click of mouse.
  4. If you wish to always move the message, click on top option “Always Move Messages From: (name of sender)
  5. Choose the folder where you want to store the messages or create a new folder.
  6. Once you click on OK Outlook will run the rule against your Inbox and move any messages that meet the criteria to the specified folder.
  • Create Rule:
    1. Follow steps 1a -1c above.

    2. Choose Create Rule…..

    3. Box shown on right appears with more options available.
      1. From
      2. Subject Contains
      3. Sent to

    4. Click on Advanced Options… to activate the Rules Wizard which allows you to add additional actions.

    5. Once you click OK the rule should run to perform the action you requested.
  • Manage Rules & Alerts:
    1. Follow steps 1a-1c above.
    2. Click on New Rule in the Rules & Alerts window
    3. The Rules Wizard will activate and you have three different screens with all the options available to manage E-mail in Outlook 2010.
  • Set up a Rule in Webmail:
    1. Select E-mail and right click, Choose Create Rule..    OR
    2. Click on Actions – Create Rule
    3. Box shown on right will appear
    4. Choose from options to setup rule.
    5. Click on Save.
    6. NOTE:  Rule will NOT run against E-mail already received like it does in Outlook.  It is only applied to any new messages received meeting the criteria of the rule.  You will have to manually move the previously received messages that meet the rule criteria.


    OIT has created a PDF titled “Use E-mail Rules” that can be found under the E-mail section of Outlook 2010 Documentation here:  http://8help.osu.edu/4452.html