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Technical Tips - Outlook 2010 - Keeping your mailbox healthy

Monitoring your E-mail account is essential now that it is hosted on the OSU Exchange server and has a limited capacity.

You can check the size of a mailbox folder by right clicking on the folder and choosing “Properties…” from the submenu that appears. Click on the Folder Size button and make sure you are looking at the Server Data tab.

You can check the size of all your mailbox folders by:

  1. Click on the File Tab
  2. Click on Cleanup Tools – Mailbox Cleanup – View folder Size…
  3. Click on the Server Data tab and wait a few seconds as Outlook collects the data by checking the server.
  4. Scroll down the list to see which mailboxes are large  NOTE:  1000KB is 1MB your mailbox, remember your entire email account cannot exceed 500MB (500,000KB)

Suggested quick cleanup practices:

  1. Sort big mailboxes by size or attachment column (click on column heading to sort)
    1. Delete items no longer needed
    2. Move items you want to keep but do not access often to a similar folder in your old mailbox stored on your office computer hard drive.
  2. Setup a rule to move email that you receive but do not immediately read to a folder in your old mailbox.  Place a link to that folder in your favorites (when the folder name turns bold there is unread mail in the folder)