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Legal Writing

What is your philosophy in teaching legal writing?

Mary Beth Beazley"One thing I try to do in my teaching is to raise students' consciousness about their readers. I think lots of law students think that their readers will be omniscient – that judges know everything, and so you don’t need to do much explaining. Judges have a good grounding in the law, but many judges have jurisdiction over a wide variety of cases, and they need lawyers who are good writers who can take complicated information and present it clearly.

This is something that I try to do in my teaching. I try to make the process of written legal analysis more simple by using various formulas – formulas that describe how to organize units of legal analysis, how to write topic sentences, how to describe cases, how to send signals to your reader, and so on. What a formula really does in this context is break the bigger task into smaller tasks – each piece of the formula is a separate task. Just as important, the formula gives you vocabulary you can use to talk about each of these smaller tasks."

Mary Beth Beazley
Associate Professor of Law


At Moritz, Legal Writing and Analysis is traditionally taught by tenure-track faculty members on a rotating basis. Teaching the course in 2009-10 are:

Mary Beth  BeazleyMary Beth Beazley
Associate Professor of Law; Director of Legal Writing

Amy J. CohenAmy J. Cohen
Associate Professor of Law

Sarah Rudolph ColeSarah Rudolph Cole
John W. Bricker Professor of Law; Director, Program on Dispute Resolution

Sharon L. DaviesSharon L. Davies
Gregory H. Williams Chair in Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Terri L. EnnsTerri L. Enns
Clinical Professor of Law; Senior Fellow, Election Law @ Moritz

Christopher M. FairmanChristopher M. Fairman
Alumni Society Designated Professor of Law

Stanley K. Laughlin Jr.Stanley K. Laughlin Jr.
Professor Emeritus of Law; Adjunct Professor of Anthropology

Katrina  LeeKatrina Lee
Assistant Clinical Professor of Law

Anne E. RalphAnne E. Ralph
Assistant Clinical Professor of Law

Nancy Hardin RogersNancy Hardin Rogers
Professor Emeritus of Law

Monte  SmithMonte Smith
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Todd  StarkerTodd Starker
Assistant Clinical Professor of Law

Daniel P. TokajiDaniel P. Tokaji
Robert M. Duncan/Jones Day Designated Professor of Law; Senior Fellow, Election Law @ Moritz