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Areas of Study

Moritz Provides an Unmatched Legal Foundation Coupled with the Academic and Practical Opportunities That Create Successful Lawyers

Courtney RedmanSome students come to law school knowing exactly what they want to do with their law degrees become a federal prosecutor, mastermind Wall Street deals, help companies navigate international laws, or represent the rights of children. Others have no idea, or they quickly change their minds after taking a course that ignites a passion that will guide their careers.

The first year of law school is designed to build a solid foundation of basic legal principles and analysis. As in most law schools, the first-year curriculum is foundational and you will take contracts, property, criminal law, torts, civil procedure, constitutional law, and legal writing and analysis. At Moritz, you will also take a firstyear course in legislation.

After the first year, your opportunities are seemingly endless. Some students choose to focus on a particular area of law, many of which are highlighted here. Others take courses across a broad spectrum of fields. The decision rests with you. This book is designed to expose you to different areas of law and to help link all different opportunities across the academic spectrum for each field.

It won't take long for you to notice the special learning climate at Moritz. From our first-year classes through the constellations of upper-level courses and clinics, our dedicated faculty members work to prepare lawyers ready to make a difference. We combine in-class education with relevant practical experiences, programs, and student organizations. We're proud of what we offer at Moritz, and we're sure you'll be proud of the legal education you receive here.

Areas of Study

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Arbitration; mediation; negotiation

Business, Consumer, & Tax Law
Antitrust; bankruptcy; business associations and business law; commercial law; consumer law; international trade and development; sports law; taxation

Criminal Law
Criminal investigation; criminal procedure; death penalty; defense; evidence; juvenile justice; prosecution

Equality & Civil Rights
Children studies; civil rights and civil liberties; Constitutional law and theory; disability discrimination; employment discrimination; gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender rights; race and ethnicity; women's rights

International & Comparative Law
Foreign relations law; international business; international tax

Labor & Employment Law
Employment discrimination; labor law; sexual harassment; workers' rights

Legal Writing
Appellate advocacy; international legal research; legal research; moot court

Appellate advocacy; federal courts; jury selection; lawyering skills; litigation theory; practice and evidence; professional responsibility; tort; trial practice

Politics, Government, & Leadership
Administrative law; election law; First Amendment; health law; legislation; public interest law; regulatory law

Property, Real Estate, Environmental Law
Environmental law; real estate development; wills, trusts, and estates