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Environmental Law

Environmental law and climate change are rapidly changing areas of law that will continue to grow in importance over coming decades. Practitioners in this area draw upon property law, constitutional law, legislation, torts, administrative/regulatory law, criminal law, and corporate law. And, increasingly, environmental law is affected by and is affecting international law.

Moritz offers a course in this area, environmental Law, which is a survey course of U.S. environmental law, covering topics including environmental assessment, clean air, clean water, waste management, and endangered species.

One of the most critical challenges facing the United States and the world is how to ensure access to safe, reliable, and clean sources of energy. energy Law provides students with an introduction to energy law, regulation and policy in the United States. The course offers students a broad overview of the historical development of energy law and the regulation of energy markets and energy infrastructure development. It also has more focused discussions of specific sources of energy and the implications of recent developments in energy law in response to increasing calls for cleaner and more diversified sources of energy as a result of concerns about climate change and over-reliance on foreign sources of energy.

Professor Cinnamon Carlarne is a leading expert in climate change and the law. her scholarship focuses on the evolution of systems of domestic and international environmental governance. She is on the editorial board for the Climate Law Journal and the newly established Transnational Environmental Law journal.

At Ohio State, students also can take graduate- level courses or earn a dual master's degree in environmental and natural resources at the School of environment and natural resources.

Beyond the classroom, the environmental Law Association (ELA) offers students an opportunity to discuss issues in environmental law with area practitioners working for regulatory agencies, advocacy groups, and in private practice. The eLA sponsors a series of speakers and regular outdoor activities, such as canoe trips.

Course Sampling for Environmental Law

  • Administrative Law
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Federal Courts
  • International environmental Law