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Election Law

Ohio State is nationally recognized as a leader in the study of election law, including issues like the right to vote, political representation, election administration, political parties, ballot initiatives, and campaign finance.

Election Law @ Moritz is a nonpartisan research, education, and outreach program conducted by faculty and staff of the The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. As a center of election law expertise, EL@M is a resource for lawyers, academics and educators, journalists, policymakers and other civic leaders, election administrators and citizens interested in election law issues. Formed in 2004, EL@M represents a collaboration among the many Moritz faculty members with expertise in election law and related fields.

Professor Edward B. Foley serves as director of EL@M and teaches several courses related to constitutional law and election law. he is the author of numerous books and articles on election law and writes a blog called Free & Fair. Professor Foley has been called upon by Congress to testify on election issues, including the Citizens United case, which opened up corporate spending in American elections. he is also frequently quoted in the media.

Professor Daniel P. Tokaji is a senior fellow with the EL@M faculty. he also serves as co-editor of the election Law Journal and is a frequent contributor. Professor Tokaji has been very active in redistricting issues.

The EL@M program often hires law students to work as research assistants for the program. Students update Web content and the major pending cases files as well as research questions posed by the media or faculty. Students also can work as research assistants for the individual faculty members, often assisting with research and writing assignments.

Course Sampling for Election Law

  • Administrative Law
  • Advanced Constitutional Law
  • Disputed Elections
  • Election Law
  • First Amendment
  • Fourteenth Amendment