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Criminal Law

What cases do you see on the horizon regarding Fourth Amendment searches and seizures?

Joshua Dressler"By far the most pressing issue for the U.S. Supreme Court relates to the so-called Exclusionary Rule, which provides that evidence obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment must be excluded from a criminal trial. Four of the members of the ninejustice Court dislike the rule, enough so to abolish it. The effect of that would be to permit the police to break the law indeed the highest law of the land, the Constitution and then use the fruits of that illegality to convict a person of a crime. I don't think the Court has the fifth vote to abolish the Rule in its entirety (even with the retirement of Justice Souter, an advocate of the Exclusionary Rule), but they are in the process of narrowing it dramatically, and we will see more of that in coming months."

Joshua Dressler
Frank R. Strong Chair in Law


Defend clients and represent the state while learning the historical foundation of the law

Douglas A. BermanDouglas A. Berman
Robert J. Watkins/Procter & Gamble Professor of Law

Joshua  DresslerJoshua Dressler
Frank R. Strong Chair in Law

Katherine Hunt FederleKatherine Hunt Federle
Professor of Law; Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Law & Policy Studies

Alan C. MichaelsAlan C. Michaels
Dean and Edwin M. Cooperman Professor of Law

John B. QuigleyJohn B. Quigley
President's Club Professor Emeritus of Law

Ric  SimmonsRic Simmons
Professor of Law