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Finding Job Opportunities

Opportunity Fair

Moritz Short-term Assistance Registry (STAR) - An initiative designed to provide employers a pool of qualified second- and third-year students and graduates from the most recent class to hire for assistance with short-term projects.

Useful Job/Resource Links - Useful links for your job search are broken down by state and by general area to aid you in your search.

Out-of-State Job Search - Do you know where you want to land a job, but not know how to attract an out-of-town employer's eye? The following tips will help you develop an out-of-town job search strategy. In addition, any counselor in Career Services can help you develop an individualized plan for the market in which you are interested.

Symplicity - Symplicity is the web-based Career Services Management System that we use to manage all aspects of the legal recruitment process.

On-Campus Interviews - Moritz has a thriving on-campus interview program with approximately 100 employers interviewing at the school each year. Students interview with public, private and non-profit employers on-campus in both the fall and spring semesters.

Off-Campus Interviews - We hold job fairs in various U.S. legal markets as a member of consortia with other law schools. In addition, we provide our students access to a number of regional and practice-specialized job fairs sponsored by other organizations. Some of these (e.g. Loyola University Chicago School of Law Patent Law Interview Program) require specialized experience, while others are open to all interested students (e.g. Equal Justice Works Career Conference and Job Fair).

Moritz Opportunity Forum - The Opportunity Forum is the Moritz public service job fair. Held each year in the spring, the Forum brings together more than 30 public interest and public service employers seeking paid interns for the summer or for the school year, or volunteers to work in their offices.

Reciprocity - Reciprocity allows Moritz students and alumni to obtain access to the career services offices of many other ABA accredited law schools throughout the country. Before making a request for reciprocity, it is your responsibility to research the policies of the schools from which you would like to obtain reciprocity. Reciprocity policies for most individual law schools can be accessed through the website of the National Association for Law Placement.

Placement Statistics - Graduate statistics are gathered each year by Career Services to evaluate employment information including percentage of alumni employed, salary ranges, employment type, and geographic location.