2012-2013 Symposium

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2012-2013 Symposium

The Second Wave of Global Privacy Protection

November 16, 2012 | Saxbe Auditorium

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The mid-1990’s brought a flurry of activity in privacy legislation across the world.  The European Directive on Protection of Personal Data, HIPAA, FCRA, and Data Protection Act of 1998 are but a few examples of legislation passed to address evolving privacy interests in the digital age.  The first wave of legislation was accompanied by significant legal discussion and scholarship in law review articles, symposiums, and academic critiques.  During the years following September 11, legislation and discussion of privacy issues cooled as security interests took center stage.

Recent disputes and questions regarding government access to data, multinational corporations and their use of customer data, the proposed development of privacy laws in developing economies, and the European Union’s proposed changes to their data protection laws have brought the topic back to the center of attention across the world.

On November 16, 2012, the Ohio State Law Journal, working closely with Faculty Symposium Advisor Peter Swire, will present “The Second Wave of Global Privacy Protection.”  This symposium will bring together practitioners, academics, and government officials from across the world to analyze the latest developments in global privacy issues and provide discussion of the future of privacy legislation and policy.