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2005-06 Symposium

The Madness in the Shadows of Modern Life: Judicial Security and Politics in the 21st Century
November 9, 2005

Being a judge today has been described as “the madness in the shadows of modern life.” Federal procedural legislation, calls for judicial accountability, and even violence against judges that has shaken courtroom security around the country are among the issues facing the judiciary.

Meanwhile, an increasingly contentious judicial nomination process that has seen filibusters, proposals to change Senate rules, and attempts to discredit judicial nominees continues through the summer and should not be underestimated in the effect it may have on judges and the judiciary.

The 2005 Symposium of the Ohio State Law Journal will address these developing issues. During the conference, practitioners, experts, and, most importantly, judges will openly discuss these issues and how to advance a secure, independent judiciary in spite of these modern pressures.